2020 Seeds Available Now!

Island Grown & Adapted,Open-Pollinated Garden Seeds

This is our fourth year selling our carefully selected, locally adapted seed to the public and to other small farmers! We are excited to offer these open pollinated varieties, tried and tested on our farms.

And to see what’s available right now, click on the links:






Cucumbers and Melons

Lettuce, Kale, Spinach and Greens



Non-GMO Corn & Grains

The seeds in our catalogue are listed by farm:

EE – Emmerdale Eden Organics, Summerside

PF – Pembroke Farm, Pembroke

Seeds are $3.50 per package, plus shipping costs if necessary.

Here’s how to purchase our seeds:

In person: Find seeds at the Summerside Farmers Market, and the Voluntary Resource Centre (81 Prince Street, Charlottetown).

By mail: Send your order to Emmerdale Eden Farm: emmerdaleorganics@hotmail.com

About the PEI Seed Alliance

The Prince Edward Island Seed Alliance is a network of small farmers committed to growing Island-adapted, Open Pollinated (OP) seeds for our community of Island farmers and gardeners.

Organized in 2015 through the generous assistance of the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, we offered our first cooperatively produced collection of seeds for the 2016 growing season. Our goal is to continue to expand our collection by trialing open-pollinated, open-source vegetable varieties, as well as pollinator flower varieties to continue to build our living collection of Island adapted seed.

We hope to grow our organization by tapping into the PEI community to collect other open pollinated varieties of seeds that have been grown and saved by other Island gardeners and farmers, as well as supporting new seed growers in their efforts to select, save and clean their own seed.