All seeds are sustainably grown & chemical free.


Hardy Spring Lettuce Mix – Cold hardy cutting mix. Ideal for spring & fall planting. Eye catching, tasty& nutritious. 300 seeds per packet.

Summer Lettuce Mix – Heat-tolerant mix of tasty varieties to enjoy all summer long. 300 seeds per packet.

North Pole & Hyper Red Rumpled Wave – 50 days. Red ruffled loose leaf lettuce & a sweet lime green loose butterhead are together for a scrumptious eye-catching salad mix. Extremely cold-hardy, but succumbs to the heat. 300 seeds per packet.

Leaf/Loose Head

Cold – for spring and fall

Antares Leaf Lettuce – 48 days. Showstopper! Shimmery pink and bronze oakleaf grows vigorously to magnificent size. Extra frilly finely cut frilly bright leaves are colourful and tender, never bitter even in early July. 300 seeds per packet.

Hyper Red Rumpled Waved  – 50 days. Beautiful deep red ruffled loose head lettuce with good flavour & texture.  Good cold tolerance, holding into July before succumbing to heat. 300 seeds per packet.

Ruby  – 45 days. Bright ruby red leaves with red-green mid ribs. Great leaf variety for baby salad producers. For spring & fall.  300 seeds per packet.


Tango –  45 days. A frilly green standard in salad and mesclun mixes, adding loft and interesting texture. Could be called the endive of lettuces for its deeply cut pointed leaves.  Great for market, overwintering + cool weather.  Slow to bolt under short day & cool weather conditions. Bolts in summer, but great for seed. 300 seeds per packet.


Cold (For Spring and Fall)

Kweik – 50 days. Easy & fast growing beautiful lime green heads suited to cool seasons & unheated GH. Holds well. 300 seeds per packet.

North Pole – 51 days.  Extremely cold-hardy elegant lime-green 6-8” buttery heads, sweet & tasty.  Overwinters well in the greenhouse & resumes vigorous growth as days grow longer, tolerating spring frosts. Turns bitter in the heat. 

Roxy  – 60 days. Spring crop which holds well in field. Glossy red outer leaves & big bright green heart. European favourite. 


Winter Marvel – 52 days. This old European variety is our farm favourite! Large fancy light green butterhead recommended for fall production and overwintering. Grows rapidly, but bolts easily in heat…so we let it go to seed, save the seed, plus it self seeds each year for early lettuce in the greenhouse and outside. A real gem! 300 seeds per packet.


Alkindus – 52 days. Attractive wine-red medium heads with soft creamy interior. Slightly savoyed leaves. Full season production with field holding ability. Overwintered to produce seed in spring.

Divina  – 55 days. Pale green ruffled leaves, crisp & mild. Pick loose outer leaves before head is tightly folded. Slow to bolt.


Winter Density –  28 days baby, 60 days. French heirloom from 19th C. Don’t let the name fool you, this is an all-season lettuce…heat & frost resistant but won’t germinate if sown in the heat, so start in trays. Thick tender dark green leaves make superb eating. Not sure if it is a bibb or a romaine? Starts out looking like a bibb then wrapper leaves form folding tightly, forming a head like a romaine when mature. Combines the substance of a romaine with the tender succulence of bibb. 300 seeds per packet.


Cold (for spring & fall)

Dixter – 55 days. Dark burgundy with lime green splotches & pink stems. Very longstanding & excellent variety with tall, cylindrical tight heads.

Mayan Jaguar – 51 days. Fierce colors & snarly crunch. This (Frank Morton) beauty has mottled maroon spots on green ruffled leaves, not one the same as another. Great flavour, sweet juicy veins, blushed pink hearts and that great romaine crunch. Cold hardy, so great for spring salad or mesclun, not good in heat. 300 seeds per packet.

Parris Island -70 days.  Super uniform, upright green leaves, tender crisp & scrumptious. Good for baby leaf. Medium resistance to bolting. For spring & fall. 300 seeds per packet.


Sweet Valentine – 55 days. A real sweetheart of a lettuce, Valentine combines magnificent beauty with mild sweet taste. Beginning as a large spreading bronzed butterhead with rounded veined leaves, it matures into a romaine shape. Slow to bolt even in hot dry conditions. Flavour is more delicate, soothing and less bitter before it assumes romaine configuration. The extremely deep-red leaves are slightly smaller than other cos varieties.

Mini Romaine

All Season

Island Gems – 55-65 days. Frank Morton’s little gems. Gorgeous miniatures of every shape & colour.  Select and grow out your new favourite varieties. 300 seeds per packet.

Trunchas – 50 days. True mini red romaine with deep cherry red outer leaves with contrasting green hearts. Upright cylindrical shape, easy to grow & harvest. Slow to bolt in all seasons. 300 seeds per packet.