Lettuce and Other Greens



Hardy Lettuce Mix – PF-705  A delicious mix of cold hardy romaine, loose leaf and bibb lettuces for a greater variety and more extended harvest. 

Deluxe Mesclun Mix EE-701 . 28 days. Delicious mix of brassicas & some lettuce. Let arugula, cress, kale, mustard & more tickle your taste buds!

Deluxe Lettuce Mix . EE-701

– Cold hardy cutting mix. Ideal for spring & fall planting. Eye catching, tasty & nutritious.

North Pole & Hyper Red Rumpled Wave . EE-716 – 50 days. Red ruffled loose leaf lettuce & a sweet lime green loose butterhead are together for a scrumptious eye-catching salad mix. Extremely cold-hardy, but succumbs to the heat.

Leaf/Loose Head

Antares Leaf Lettuce  EE-712 48 days. Showstopper! Shimmery pink and bronze oakleaf grows vigorously to magnificent size. Extra frilly finely cut frilly bright leaves are colourful and tender, never bitter even in early July.

Hyper Red Rumpled Waved – EE-716  – 50 days. Beautiful deep red ruffled loose head lettuce with good flavour & texture.  Good cold tolerance, holding into July before succumbing to heat.

New Red Fire EE-713 – 50 days.  Dark red ruffled oakleaf with a green base makes a compact beautiful full sized head that keeps its colour all season. Tender, crisp, sweet & almost no bitterness. Slowest bolting & holds well in hot weather, plus withstands cold.

Tango EE-708 –  45 days. A frilly green standard in salad and mesclun mixes, adding loft and interesting texture. Could be called the endive of lettuces for its deeply cut pointed leaves.  Great for market, overwintering + cool weather.  Slow to bolt under short day & cool weather conditions. Bolts in summer, but great for seed.


Divina EE-714 – 55 days. Pale green ruffled leaves, crisp & mild. Pick loose outer leaves before head is tightly folded. Slow to bolt.

Kweik EE-705 – 50 days. Easy & fast growing beautiful lime green heads suited to cool seasons & unheated GH. Holds well.

Winter Marvel  EE-710 52 days. This old European variety is our farm favourite! Large fancy light green butterhead recommended for fall production and overwintering. Grows rapidly, but bolts easily in heat…so we let it go to seed, save the seed, plus it self seeds each year for early lettuce in the greenhouse and outside. A real gem!


Dixter  EE-715 – Dark burgundy with lime green splotches & pink stems. Very longstanding & excellent variety with tall, cylindrical tight heads.   

Mayan Jaguar  EE-706 – 51 days. Fierce colors & snarly crunch. This (Frank Morton) beauty has mottled maroon spots on green ruffled leaves, not one the same as another. Great flavour, sweet juicy veins, blushed pink hearts and that great romaine crunch. Cold hardy, so great for spring salad or mesclun, not good in heat.

Green Towers . PF-710 The most reliable romaine that we have grown.  Holds its flavour and texture through early summer, and does well in succession plantings. 

Winter Wonderland PF-704 As the name implies, this large romaine does well under adverse temperature conditions.  Plants will grown 2 ‘ tall, with dark green leaves and a spread of 1’.  These are the leaves you want for a romaine lettuce wrap!  Though it is slow to bolt, we recommend it for spring and fall planting, and overwintering in unheated greenhouses.

Mini Romaine

Island Gems EE-704  – Frank Morton’s little gems. Gorgeous miniatures of every shape & colour.  Select and grow out your new favourite varieties.

Trunchas  EE-709 – 50 days. True mini red romaine with deep cherry red outer leaves with contrasting green hearts. Upright cylindrical shape, easy to grow & harvest. Slow to bolt in all seasons. 


Wrinkled Crinkled Cress . EE302 . [Certified Organic] – 21 days. Broad leaves are extremely ruffled and wrinkled along the margins and savoyed in the middle. A fluffy spicy addition to your salad mix. Bolt resistant.

Astro Arugula  EE-308 – 21 days baby, 40 full. Germinates quickly & tolerates cold & hot temps. Long green leaves are a mix of smooth-edged and lobed with mild to mildly spicy heat. Grows equally well during cool and hot seasons. Cut & come again.

Ice-Bred Arugula  EE-309 44 days. Selected for cold hardiness and vigour. Mid-ribs and whole leaves develop a lovely purple hue in winter freezes. Recovers in spring even if plant goes dormant under very cold conditions. Seedlings can stand drought, compete against weeds and don’t require high soil fertility. This is arugula with more bite, vigorous with complex full flavors.

Purple Mizuna – EE – Green oak-shaped leaves with purple veins and trim, holds its flavour into late summer – mild flavour,

Red Frills Mizuna . EE-304 – Gorgeous purply-red mizuna with deeply notched serrated leaves, perfect for baby salads. Medium hot & spicy mustard flavour.

Purple Rapa Mustard  EE-306 [Certified Organic] – 45 days.  Morton gene pool creating huge vigour with nice tall frilly medium-hot serrated green leaves with purple veins & shading. Lots of variation & best colour in the cold. Can plant in April & still going in early July, gaining heat with weather’s heat.

Red Giant Mustard . EE-307 [Certified Organic] – 21 days baby, 45 full. Popular red mustard from Japan with a mild- spicy flavour. Large purple-tinted savoyed leaves for baby mesclun mix or large leaf on 18″ decorative plants. Color intensifies in cooler temperatures, as spiciness wanes.

Prize Choy Pac Choy  EE-310 – 50 days. Classy pac choy with celery-like white stems & vase shaped, 15-18” tall heads, like 2 veg in one with succulent stems & tender greens. Vigorous, slow to bolt. Good for kimchi & stir-fries. 

Tat Soi . PF-301 A hardy, cold tolerant,  fast growing Asian green with lovely spoon-shaped thick leaves that make a wonderful substitute for spinach.  Will remain sweet and crunchy in the garden way beyond the first frost, and into the first snowfall!  A must for winter production in any unheated greenhouse.


Beedy’s Camden . EE-401 -60 days. Abundant wavy blue-green leaves are full to the bottom. More tender than Russian types & lasts well into fall. Juicy & sweet in spring, last to bolt.Most plants overwinter to re-sprout leaves in the spring & produce seed. A perennial in our greenhouse!

Frilly EE404 – 60 days. Beautiful blue & burgundy finely serrated leaves reminiscent of lace. Delicate flavour & colourful addition to mesclun mixes. Produces until freezing temps, then overwinters to produce in spring in greenhouse.

Glorious Landrace – PF-401 . Our own landrace cross of kale varieties from the hardy survivors of our Maritime winters.  A hardy blend of semi curled & flat leaves.

Scarlet . PF-402 Our favourite OP red kale, Scarlet ‘s blue green leaves and red stems turn to a dark purple as the weather gets colder.  Does well through the winter in an unheated greenhouse.

Tough Mother EE405 – 65 days. Extremely cold hardy. The greens are soft & sweet with a little spice. Diverse gene pool, many similar to Red Russian, but frilly and colourful. Save seed from your favourite plants.

Swiss Chard

Rainbow Swiss Chard – PF 301 Beautiful mix of red, pink, white, yellow and orange stems with tender, flavourful leaves. Produces high yields early summer through late fall. 


Bloomsdale Dark Green  – 50 days. Heirloom from early 19th C. Heavy yields of dark green blistered leaves. Plant spring or fall. Can over-winter with minimum of cover.