All seeds are organically grown, and certified organic unless indicated otherwise.

Each packet contains 35 seeds.

Most of the tomatoes listed are indeterminate which means they grow very tall & bear all season long & can be staked or left to sprawl on the ground. A few as noted in their description are determinate or semi determinate which means a shorter plant & they produce fruit in a shorter time period.

Cherry Tomatoes

Aosta Valley – New in 2022. 65 days. Short season tomato with exceptional flavour from NW Italy. Prolific clusters of 10-12 small shiny tomatoes hold on the vine so the truss can be picked all at once. The 5 sided fruit have thick walls & tiny seeds. Excellent fresh, stewed or added to sauce. Blight resistant.

Black Cherry .  [Certified Organic] 65 days. So sweet & early! Deep burgundy 1” round fruits that grow in prolific clusters.

Blush  [Certified Organic] 75 days.  So stunning & so sweet! 2” elongated golden-pink streaked tomato with crack resistance. Ripen on or off the vine without compromising flavour. A crowd pleaser for snacking or fancy dishes. 

Copper Beauty – New in 2022 – 65 days. Stunning deep streaked skin of light mahogany over a bronze base is paired with a dark interior flesh with sweet flavour & a tartness in a fruity firm texture. It is 2” long & 1” wide & very productive. Taste & beauty.

Fargo Yellow Pear  [Certified Organic] 70 days. This large golden yellow pear is deliciously sweet & low acid. Bred for earliness & higher yields, this 1-2” is a 1932 cross between Bison & Yellow Pear. Meaty & crack-resistant.

Galina  [Certified Organic] 57 days. Wonderful early Siberian heirloom producing golden clusters of sweet fruit all season long.

Gardener’s Sweetheart   [Certified Organic] 70 days.  Shiny red, heart-shaped cherries with smooth texture & rich flavour. Low-juice compared to most other cherry tomatoes. Vigorous and productive plants.

House   [Certified Organic] 75 days. This rare miniature Russian heirloom grows 1 ½ ‘tall & is covered with tasty red cherries. Grow outside in the summer in a large container or in the ground & bring inside by a sunny window in the fall. Prolific producer year round. Cut back for new growth in the spring. The plants can grow for years this way! Brought to Canada in the 1890s.

La Finquita Gold  – [Certified Organic] 70 days. Early, unique & rare golden heirloom cherry. Extremely prolific, sweet & delicious. Well adapted to the Maritime region for more than 20 years.  

Mexican Red Grape   [Certified Organic] Mid season. Tasty red grape tomato from Mexico. Perfect size & bright red colour.

Minibel Naine pour Balcons   [Certified Organic] 75 days. Rare Canadian heirloom from Seeds of Diversity. Miniature cherry for containers or as a unique hedge row! Non-stop producer of full size cherries. A really unique showpiece

Peacevine  – new in 2022 – 78 days. Selected from Sweet 100 & is a rampant grower & producer with clusters of 1” fruits which are sweet tart rich flavour. It has a currant tomato in its ancestry. Very high in vitamin C & GABA, a sedating antioxidant.

Pink Bumblebee  – [Certified Organic] 70 days. These fun and flavourful tomatoes are hard to resist. Pink round cherries with orangey/gold striping have great eye appeal & sweet rich flavour. Extremely productive fruit which resists cracking, doing as well in the field as in the greenhouse.

Pink Princess [Certified Organic Seed]– 62 days. Incredibly sweet large pink cherry, with thicker skin to prevent cracking.

Snowhite Cherry  [Certified Organic] 65 days. Everyone’s favourite! This extremely early large cherry is a pale yellow to ivory colour & does equally well in the field or greenhouse, producing all season until frost.

Tropical Sunset – New in 2022. Tender skinned round cherry is a mix of orange & rosy red, with fruity sweetness & a mild acid balance. Beautiful to look at, & a taste that makes you want more.     

Dwarf Tomatoes

These tomatoes can be gown in the ground or in large containers with a cage or stake.All of these benefit with being staked.

Blanche du Quebec – 75 days. Canadian heirloom ‘White of Quebec’. Stocky & sturdy with rugosa type leaves Medium sized, white to pale yellow – more sun exposure brings out more yellow. Sweet & juicy, great for fresh eating & salads.

Mandurang Moon – New in 2022 – 65 days The Dwarf Tomato Project, a cooperative plant breeding venture between growers in the United States and Australia, has produced loads of new varieties in recent years. We adore this one for its tasty, gorgeously pale-colored fruit and the plants’ solid stature and disease resistance. Although the fruit are lunar white, “Mandurang,” a town in Australia, means “Black Cicada” in the indigenous language of the area. They are equally enjoyable under the constellations of either hemisphere. 

Summer Sunrise – 70 days. Unique beautiful dwarf 48” plant with outstanding rigid potato leaves…a garden showpiece! The tomatoes are outstanding as well…big, tasty golden slicers with pale red blossom end & some striping. Australian winner of the best-tasting dwarf tomato.

Worry Tomato – New in 2022 – 70 days. Dwarf plants with thick sturdy trunks and gigantic potato-leaves bear large red-orange-gold striped shiny beefsteak fruit. Such prolific beauties from a breeding project many years in the making. As with the other dwarf tomatoes, this is very well suited to containers and small spaces. A sturdy stake is all that is needed.

Early Tomatoes

Buckflat’s Wonder – [Certified Organic] 65 days. Canadian bred by Andy Pollock of Houston BC. Hardy, blemish free, red  8- 10 oz. perfectly round tomato with a fantastic flavour. Very productive until frost.

Doucet’s Petit Bec   [Certified Organic] 65 days. This large cherry tomato withstands cool adverse weather. Extremely prolific with great taste. Non uniform in size. A real workhorse!

Legend  [Certified Organic] Indeterminate. Large uniform glossy red slicer with good blight resistance. Great taste, prolific  and withstands adverse conditions. Legend  lives up to its name every year!

Moskvich  [Certified Organic] 60 days. Outstanding Siberian heirloom is 4”, deep red, with luscious rich flavour. Smooth & globe-shaped 4-6 oz. fruit which is cold tolerant & a good keeper. Resistant to cracking, so good for GH. Keeps producing from early summer to frost on long vines. A real farm favourite!

Pollock  [Certified Organic] 65 days.Wonderful Canadian tomato. Selection from Bonny Best for earliness, productivity & great flavour, developed by Andy Pollock of northern BC. Huge early production of rich-flavoured 4-10 oz tomatoes that just keep coming. Plants need a short strong stake. Outstanding every year with good blight resistance.

Quebec 5  [Certified Organic] 60 day. Canadian tomato with smooth, firm 3-4” redfruit with fresh, vibrant flavour. Always dependable for abundant yields in any kind of weather! 

Pink Beefsteak Slicers

Pink Portuguese   [Certified Organic] 80 days. Extra large meaty pink beefsteak found in a market in Portugal.

Savignac (Dufresne)  [Certified Organic] 75-80 days. 18th C heirloom from Quebec. Medium to large reddish pink fruit is vigorous, productive & adapted to short summers & a cool climate. The taste is juicy, sweet & flavourful on a large plant & very prolific. Very rare & needs protection from being lost. Slow Food Ark of Taste.  

Red Beefsteak Slicers

Costoluto Genovese  [Certified Organic] Large juicy red 4-5” Italian heirloom with full tomato flavour. Heavily fluted favourite for fresh eating & preserving. Extremely prolific.

Italian  Heirloom .  [Certified Organic] 75-80 days. Indeterminate. Outstanding all-purpose Italian heirloom for eating fresh, canning or salsa. The fruit are easy to peel & have wonderful taste. Huge abundance of luscious red blemish free 1 lb fruit.

Old Brooks   [Certified Organic] 78 days. Heirloom that does well in hot weather. Large prolific beautiful red perfect fruit up to 1 lb, with long vines. Great full tangy flavour. Fruit is delicious, juicy & meaty – well-suited to home canning due to its high acidity. Resistant to blossom end rot & early & late blight.

Palestinian   [Certified Organic] 75 days. Large blocky fruit, extremely heavy and meaty. Between a beefsteak and a paste tomato, equally good for both slicing, canning and sauce. Resistant to blossom end rot.

Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter [Certified Organic] 85 days. Flattened/round large, meaty, deep red vigorous beefsteak. Great flavour & good slicer with few seeds. Plants are highly productive & disease resistant. The original cultivar made famous in the 30’s. 

Orange Tomatoes

Earl of Edgecombe  [Certified Organic] 73 days, Indeterminate. Beautiful heirloom from New Zealand with fabulous rich sweet taste. ‎Fruits are round, blemish free & resistant to cracking & blossom end rot. When the 6th Earl of Edgecombe died in England, the next in line was a sheep farmer in NZ. When he returned to England to claim his title, he brought this tomato with him!.

Indian Moon  [Certified Organic] 75 days. This beauty is a rare heirloom originating with the Navajo in New Mexico.Large orange meaty fruits with few seeds are great for sandwiches and burgers.

Moonglow  [Certified Organic]80 days. Bright yellow-orange fruit is one of the best tasting of all of the yellows. Fruit has dense orange flesh with few seeds and a long shelf life. Very productive.      

Valencia  [Certified Organic] 75 days. This prolific slicer is bursting with rich tomato flavour. Round smooth 8-10 oz meaty fruit with few seeds has brilliant glowing orange skin.  It has that perfect mix of sweet and tart tomato taste. A family heirloom from Maine, exact origins are debated, this strain is rumored to have possibly originated in Spain. Best producer in drought of 2020.  Slow Food Ark of Taste.                                           

Yellow/Gold Tomatoes

Garden Peach  [Certified Organic] 75 days.  1890 heirloom introduced as a novelty. Productive 3-5 oz yellow fruits blush pink when ripe and have soft fuzzy skins like peaches, juicy and sweet, with bit of tartness. Extremely cold resistant & an excellent keeper.  

Manyel  [Certified Organic]75 days. “Many Moons”: the look of the fruits hanging from the plant. Great yields of 10 oz. golden yellow tomatoes. Mildly sweet with a citrus tang & juicy – one of the best tasting tomatoes available. Adds great flavour & colour to any salad.

Purple Tomatoes

Japanese Black Trifele .  [Certified Organic] 75 days. Beautiful dark pear-shaped tomatoes with a rich complex flavour, originally from Estonia. Harvest when the shoulders are still green. Little or no cracking, blemish free on short plants with potato leaf foliage that bear all season long.  Very rare.

Kabuli Black   [Certified Organic] 75 days. This treasure is everything you would want in a tomato… full rich flavour, prolific, unblemished & disease-free.  

Paul Robeson .  [Certified Organic] 80 days. Russian heirloom named after American opera singer Paul Robeson. Distinctive smoky flavour, perfect acid to sweet balance. Dusky brick-red fruit averages 8-10 oz.  An extraordinary tomato for an extraordinary man. Taste test winner. Produces well in colder climate.

Vince & Teresa   [Certified Organic] 75 days. Gorgeous meaty purple tomato with great flavour. Saved for years by a Summerside couple.   Good in greenhouse or in the field.


Banana Cream (Cream Sausage) [Certified Organic]– 80 days. Tidy plants bear dozens of unique 3-4” elongated plum-shaped striped yellow fruits with meaty flesh and pleasantly mild flavour. Great for salsa and salads. Productive bushy plants do not require staking, excellent for containers. 

Pink Boar  [Certified Organic] 75 days. Wine coloured fruits with metallic green striping on vigorous vines. Strong plants loaded with rich, sweet, juicy fruits for slicing in salads. Adverse weather tolerance.                              

Striped Cavern  [Certified Organic] – 80 days. Beautiful 8 oz. thick-walled, partially hollow, stuffing tomato is red with yellow stripes. Good keeper & drought tolerant.

Violet Jasper  [Certified Organic] – 73 days. Originally from China where it is called Tze Bi U. Beautiful & productive salad-sized fruit are the size of a lime with purple streaks & green stripes. Skin may be a little tough but that makes them great for grilling or the BBQ. Holds well & pumps out bushels until frost.


Gilbertie  [Certified Organic] This excellent heirloom has solid thick flesh with rich flavour & a small seed cavity. It is a 7-8” long narrow fruit with a slight crook at the tip. Great for soups, sauces & grilling.

Napoli a Fiaschetto – 65 -70 days. Regional treasure of Puglio in southeast Italy. Small elongated 2-3 oz. paste tomato with slight nipple at blossom end & which hang in clusters. Bushy determinate plants produce in prolific quantities. Perfect for sauce & dehydrating.  Ark of Taste

Principe Borghese – 75 days.  Semi – determinate Italian heirloom with great flavour. Bears small 2” oval red fruits in prolific clusters over a long season with no cracking. Used for sun-dried tomatoes as few seeds & little juice. Can be crushed for flakes or ground into powder to add rich tomato flavour to soups, salad dressings etc. Dry in a low oven if the sun doesn’t cooperate or dehydrate.    

Ropreco  – 70 days. Det. A fine old Italian heirloom with good taste. Fruits 2-3 oz. oblong & bright red with good disease resistance. Does not require staking as it produces fruit in a concentrated set. Suitable for sauce & drying. 

Roughwood Golden Plum  – 80 days. This was the star of our 2021 tomato harvest! Beautiful, unique & delicious… a “must-grow” for anyone looking for the perfect low-acid sauce tomato. Though tested as one of the most drought-resistant tomatoes out of 400 new varieties, Golden Plum matured splendidly in our wet cool summer of 2021 (plus was the show-piece of our greenhouse at twice the size). Quite outstanding. This is a 1986 cross between San Marzano & Yellow Brandywine. Plump 2-inch plum-shaped fruits (4” in greenhouse) with thick skins are perfectly suited as an unusual sauce tomato (keeps well on the counter for days), plus excellent for drying.  Staking recommended. 

San Marzano   [Certified Organic] 80 days, Mid season. One of the most loved Italian paste tomatoes with great flavour & productivity on medium vines. Great for sauces, canning & drying/dehydrating.