Beaverlodge Slicer . EE-1622 [Certified Organic] – 55 days. Early red 2” Canadian developed tomato are the first to ripen in your garden. Great tomatoey    taste, unusual for an early tomato. Determinate plants are loaded with smooth, blemish free fruit & are   perfect for containers or hanging baskets.  Does well in short season areas and in coastal climates.

Bradley . EE-162 – 55 days.  A favourite dependable producer of early 2-3” tasty mild red fruits. Always reliable with heavy yields & crack resistance on determinate plants.

Buckflat’s Wonder . EE-1624 – 65 days. Indeterminate. Hardy, blemish free, red  8- 10 oz. perfectly round tomato with a fantastic flavour. Very productive until frost. Bred by Andy Pollock of BC.

Legend  EE-1627 – Indeterminate. Large uniform glossy red slicer with good blight resistance. Great taste, prolific  and withstands adverse conditions. Legend  lives up to its name every year!

Pollock . EE-1629 – 65 days. Indeterminate. Selection from Bonny Best for earliest, productivity + great flavour. Developed by Andy Pollock of northern B.C. Huge early production of rich-flavoured red 4-10oz. tomatoes ‎that just keep coming. Outstanding every year with good blight resistance.

Quebec 5 . EE-1630 – 60 days. A reliable favourite for smooth, firm red 3-4” fruit with fresh, vibrant flavour.  Always dependable for abundant yields.

Pink Beefsteak Slicer

Old Brooks  – 78 days. Heirloom that does well in hot weather. Large prolific beautiful red perfect fruit up to 1 lb, with long vines. Fruit is delicious, juicy & meaty – well-suited to home canning due to its high acidity. Resistant to blossom end rot & blight.

Rosabec – 70 days. First determinate pink tomato variety developed in Quebec. Beautiful mid-sized table tomato which is blemish free & mild tasting.

Rose de Berne  – 75 days.  Swiss heirloom often called the “Brandywine of Europe”. Good producer of dark rose-coloured, perfect globe- shaped fruit, smooth, round with no blemishes. Thin-skinned, juicy with a zingy sweet rich flavour. Endangered.

Red Beefsteak Slicer

Bizhiki . EE-1634 .[Certified Organic Seed] – 75 days. Uniform, bright red, globe shaped small fruits with no cracking. Great flavour.

Bonnie Best . EE-1635- 70 days. This old timer from 1908 has wonderful old-fashioned flavour. Mid season, medium sized plant with round red fruit produces prolifically even in adverse conditions. Great for eating & canning.

Costoluto Genovese – Large juicy red 4-5” Italian heirloom with full tomato flavour. Heavily fluted favourite for fresh eating & preserving. Extremely prolific.

Druzba . EE-1636 – 74 days. Bulgarian heirloom. Wonderful all round tomato – disease-resistant, highly adaptable to adverse growing conditions, heavy producer of 8 oz dark red fruit that have a sweet exquisite taste. Juicy fruits are uniformly round and blemish free.

Italian  Heirloom . EE-1638 – 75-80 days. Indeterminate. Outstanding all-purpose Italian heirloom for eating fresh, canning or salsa. The fruit are easy to peel & have wonderful taste. Huge abundance of luscious red blemish free 1 lb fruit.

Longkeeper  EE-1639 – 80 days. A great heirloom tomato developed for storage, but sweet & tasty for summer eating too. Harvest unripe fruits (or the whole plant + hang upside down in a sheltered shed/cold room) in fall and store in a dark cool place. They will continue to ripen over the next 2-3 months.

Nips . EE-1640 – 77 days.  8-12 oz. oxheart type fruit but shaped like a Bartlett pear. Meaty & juicy with great flavour. Heavy producer and a good keeper.

Savignac  – 75-80 days. 18th C heirloom from Quebec. Reddish pink fruit is productive & adapted to short summers & a cool climate. Big plant & prolific. Rare. Slow Food Ark of Taste.

West Virginia . EE-1642 .[Certified Organic Seed]– 70 days. Heirloom of great worth! Now very rare. Pinkish-red meaty 6-8 oz. with mild flavour. Resistant to late blight.


Earl of Edgecombe . EE-1646 – 73 days, Indeterminate. Beautiful heirloom from New Zealand with fabulous rich sweet taste. ‎Fruits are round, blemish free & resistant to cracking & blossom end rot. When the 6th Earl of Edgecombe died in England, the next in line was a sheep farmer in NZ. When he returned to England to claim his title, he brought this tomato with him!.

Jaune Flamme . EE-1647 – 75 days. Indet. Beautiful rare  French heirloom with bright orange skin and reddish orange flesh. ‎Large cherry 2-3 oz which  grows in clusters producing high yields of tangy delicious fruits. Good for drying as flavour and colour intensifies.


Moonglow – 80 days. Bright yellow-orange fruit is one of the best tasting of all of the yellows. Fruit has dense orange flesh with few seeds and a long shelf life. Very productive.      

Valencia. EE-1649 – 75 days. Indet. Gorgeous round smooth 8-10 oz meaty fruit  with few seeds ‎great flavour and texture. 


Morden Yellow – 65 days.  Early & heavy producer of bright yellow medium size round, juicy & mildly sweet tomato. Bred for short season in Canada. Though determinate produces for a long time.

Stefan’s Gold – 80 days. (Canada). Vivid golden to orange colour with meaty texture and sweet taste. Medium size, performing well in cool, wet conditions.


Dark Galaxy 75 – 80 days. Spectacularly beautiful with a deep rich flavour. Dark brown-blue and rich red, speckled scarring reminiscent of a summer night sky. Strange black tomato that takes a long time to turn red, but can be eaten when partially black. Stands up to almost freezing temps.

Japanese Black Trifele . EE-1657 – 75 days. Beautiful dark pear-shaped tomatoes with a rich complex flavour, originally from Estonia. Harvest when the shoulders are still green. Little or no cracking, blemish free on short plants with potato leaf foliage that bear all season long.  Very rare.

Paul Robeson . 80 days. Russian heirloom named after American opera singer Paul Robeson. Distinctive smoky flavour, perfect acid to sweet balance. Dusky brick-red fruit averages 8-10 oz.  An extraordinary tomato for an extraordinary man. Taste test winner. Produces well in colder climate.

Purple Kalabash . EE-1660 – 90 days. 16th C heirloom.  Deeply fluted fruit, light pinkish-brown when ripe, with taste a delicious wine-like taste which makes them well worth growing.   Drought tolerant.


Bellstar. EE-166 – 65 days. Det. Developed in 1981 by Dr. Jack Metcalf of Smithfield Experimental Station in Trenton, Ont. Cool season early red champion, matures earlier than most plums, plus larger 4 oz. size. Compact prolific plant with rich-tasting fruit. Holds well in the field and great for fresh eating as well.

Blue Beech  – 85 -90 days. Stew, sauce & can them; slice, roast & freeze them; toss, & eat them. Sweet dry flesh, few seeds. A true beauty with dry dense flesh, yet sweet enough to savour raw.

Marzano Fire  – 85 days. Orange striped San Marzano with meaty deep red flesh & exquisite flavour. Compact plants with heavy fruit set. Great sauce tomato and favourite for oven roasting.

Palestinian  -75 days. Large blocky fruit, extremely heavy and meaty. Between a beefsteak and a paste tomato, equally good for both slicing, canning and sauce. Resistant to blossom end rot.

Principe Borghese . EE-1663– 75 days.  Semi-det.  Italian heirloom with great flavour. Used for sun-dried tomatoes as few seeds & little juice. Can be crushed for flakes or ground into powder to add rich tomato flavour to soups, salad dressings Bears small 5 cm oval red fruits in prolific clusters over long season. No cracking. Dry in a low oven if the sun doesn’t cooperate!


Bing . EE-1601 – 65 days. Fabulous rich flavour. Prolific clusters of 1” red fruit. Pick regularly to avoid cracking.

Black Cherry . EE-160– 65 days. So sweet & early! Deep burgundy 1” round fruits that grow in prolific clusters.

Blondkopfchen . EE-1603  [Certified Organic Seed– 75 days. Name means ‘Little Blond Girl’. The small yellow cherries are produced in huge clusters of 20-30 extremely sweet tasty tiny (2cm) yellow tomatoes. Great for snacking & dehydrating.

Gardener’s Sweetheart  – 70 days.  Shiny red, heart-shaped cherries with smooth texture & rich flavour. Low-juice compared to most other cherry tomatoes. Vigorous and productive plants.

Gartenperle . EE-1606 .[Certified Organic Seed] 70 days. Non-stop production with this low lying sweet little cherry. Good in containers.

House  –75 days. This rare dwarf Russian heirloom grows 1 ½ ‘tall & is covered with tasty red cherries. Grow outside in the summer & bring inside by a sunny window in the fall. Prolific producer year round. Cut back for new growth in the spring. The plants can grow for years this way! Brought to Canada in the 1890s.

Mexican Red Grape  – Mid season. Tasty red grape tomato from Mexico. Perfect size & bright red colour.

Minibel Naine . EE-1608 – Miniature plant for containers. Prolific producer of full-size cherries.  

Pink Princess . EE-1611 .[Certified Organic Seed]– 62 days. Incredibly sweet large pink cherry, with thicker skin to prevent cracking.

Pink Tiger . EE-1612– 70 days.  Indeterminate. Artisan ‘elongated’ pink cherry with yellow-orange striping. Excellent balanced sweet & acidic flavour.

Reisentraube . EE-1615 .[Certified Organic Seed] – 80 days. Pre 1856 German heirloom, translating to “giant bunches of grapes”. Grown in North America by the Pennsylvania Dutch as early as 1856. One plant produces 100’s of small flavourful red fruits which ripen in long clusters of 30-50. Extremely productive. Great for snacking & dehydrating.


Blush – 75 days.  So stunning & so sweet! 2” elongated golden-pink streaked tomato with crack resistance. Ripen on or off the vine without compromising flavour. A crowd pleaser for snacking or fancy dishes. 

Cream Sausage  – 80 days. Tidy plants bear dozens of unique 3-4” elongated plum-shaped striped yellow fruits with meaty flesh and pleasantly mild flavor. Great for salsa and salads. Productive bushy plants do not require staking, excellent for containers.  Dehydrate.

Doucet’s Petit Bec  –  65 days. This large cherry tomato withstands cool adverse weather. Extremely prolific with great taste. Non uniform in size. A real workhorse!

Violet Jasper – 73 days. Originally from China where it is called Tze Bi U. Beautiful & productive salad-sized fruit are the size of a lime with purple streaks & green stripes. Skin may be a little tough but that makes them great for grilling or the BBQ. Holds well & pumps out bushels until frost.

Striped Cavern – 80 days. Beautiful 8 oz. thick-walled, partially hollow, stuffing tomato is red with yellow stripes. Good keeper & drought tolerant.

Una Hartsock – 68 days. This rare German beauty is a huge producer of small slender plum shaped fruit 1-2” long, perfect as a salad tomato or appetizer. The colour is remarkable – dazzling pinky red with violet purple hue. The flesh is juicy, semi -sweet & delectable.