Crackerjack Mix African Marigold  EE-504 Tallest of the marigolds with fully doubled 3–4″ flowers of orange, gold, yellow on tall 30″ plants that rarely need staking. Plants make a bold highlight in large borders, attracting lots of pollinators.  Annual.


Black Eyed Susan EE-516 –Brilliant black & gold flowers adorn this dependable long-blooming perennial. Easy care.


Drama Queen – PF-505 Plant a “happy place” for yourself and your local pollinators with this attractive addition to your Pollinator Garden. 

Jim Flagg Mix  EE-508 Named in honour of artist & illustrator Jim Flagg, this poppy stands out as an outstanding work of art. Easy to grow annual and a great self-seeder.


Zeolights EE-5010 Pinky-maroon backing shows through the yellow petals to lend a pink tinge to the familiar calendula-yellow. Dark centers accentuate the color contrast. Annual

Resina – PF-501  Hardy medicinal variety, a favorite of pollinators. Keeps blooming well beyond frost, and excels in container gardens. 

Candyman Orange – EE-509 Luminous orange double, long flowering bloom.  Short sturdy 10-12” multi-branched stems. Excellent for cutting, edible flowers to garnish a salad. Annual


Conomara – PF-507  A large sized, potent chamomile that is prolific and hardy. Great tonic for insomnia and pollinators love it. 


Crazy Daisy – EE-5011 A real long blooming show stopper! Double, quilled white flowers with yellow centres are 30” tall. Will bloom first year if given a cold period before transplanting.  Perennial Zone 4.


Pink Mix – EE-5012 Beautiful combination of light & darker pink delicate flowers. Hardy perennial.


Seashell Mix EE – Unique tubular petals with fluted edges produces a two-tone effect. Big 3” blooms on 4’ plants. Best for bees & butterflies.

 Velquette  EE-5013 – Ruby & white bi-colour is 24” tall.   Annual

Echinacea/ Coneflower   

Primadonna Deep Rose  – EE-5014  Much improved purple coneflower with first year blooms. Large, rosy-pink flowers on strong stems for cutting or enjoy as a tall 36” border plant. Very drought resistant.   Perennial zone 3.


PEI Lupines – PF The classic perennial spring wildflower of PEI, contains of mix of blues, pinks, whites and purples. 


Love in a Mist – PF-504 .  A diverse flower with lovely cutting and drying qualities, interesting seed pods, and a favorite stop for pollinators. 

Pollinator Support

Pollinator Mix – PF-507 A blend of bee favorites including perennial and self seeding annuals. TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE


Phacelia – This lavender-blue beauty is the best insectary plant for bees and beneficial insects. With high quality pollen and nectar, blooms for two months.


Wild Child – PF  A hardy mix of thin stemmed, single sunflowers for cutting & naturalizing. Will try to reseed itself. A must have for pollinator gardens. 


Viola – Landrace Mix PF-506 This delightful self-seeding annual is extremely cold hardy, and will continue to bloom all winter in an unheated greenhouse.  Selected for a variety of colours and hardiness, this mix features yellows, purples, whites, lavenders, with an occasional pink and orange.  Being a landrace, the genetics of colour will continue to stir itself year after year, offering new surprises every season!

Malva sylvestri

Zebrina. PF-504. One of the unsung heros of the Pollinator garden, Zebrina keeps on blooming into the fall, long after frost has killed off many other flowers.  This cold hardy, self seeding annual begins blooming in mid summer with profusions of striped purple and white blossoms on 3’  bushy upright plants, making a great background plant in any flower garden.  Seeds are easy to gather in late fall.