Crackerjack Mix African Marigold  – Tallest of the marigolds with fully doubled 3–4″ flowers of orange, gold, yellow on tall 30″ plants that rarely need staking. Plants make a bold highlight in large borders, attracting lots of pollinators.  Annual.


Black Eyed Susan –Brilliant black & gold flowers adorn this dependable long-blooming perennial. Easy care.


Drama Queen – PF-505 Plant a “happy place” for yourself and your local pollinators with this attractive addition to your Pollinator Garden. 

Jim Flagg Mix  – Named in honour of artist & illustrator Jim Flagg, this poppy stands out as an outstanding work of art. Easy to grow annual and a great self-seeder.


Zeolights EE- Pinky-maroon backing shows through the yellow petals to lend a pink tinge to the familiar calendula-yellow. Dark centers accentuate the color contrast. Annual

Resina – PF-501  Hardy medicinal variety, a favorite of pollinators. Keeps blooming well beyond frost, and excels in container gardens. 

Candyman Orange – EE-Luminous orange double, long flowering bloom.  Short sturdy 10-12” multi-branched stems. Excellent for cutting, edible flowers to garnish a salad. Annual


Crazy Daisy – EE- A real long blooming show stopper! Double, quilled white flowers with yellow centres are 30” tall. Can bloom first year if given a cold period before transplanting.   Perennial Zone 4.


Pink Mix – EE-Beautiful combination of light & darker pink delicate flowers. Hardy perennial.


Seashell Mix EE – Unique tubular petals with fluted edges produces a two-tone effect. Big 3” blooms on 4’ plants. Best for bees & butterflies.

 Velquette  EE – Ruby & white bi-colour is 24” tall.   Annual

Echinacea/ Coneflower   

Primadonna Deep Rose  – EE- Much improved purple coneflower with first year blooms. Large, rosy-pink flowers on strong stems for cutting or enjoy as a tall 36” border plant. Very drought resistant.   Perennial zone 3.

Gaillardia/ Blanketflower   

Arizona Sun EE – A beauty! Prolific blanket of bi-colour first year blooms. Easy to grow perennial. Zone 4


PEI Lupines – PF The classic perennial spring wildflower of PEI, contains of mix of blues, pinks, whites and purples. 


Love in a Mist – PF-504 .  A diverse flower with lovely cutting and drying qualities, interesting seed pods, and a favorite stop for pollinators. 

Pollinator Support

Pollinator Support Flower Mix – PF-507 A blend of bee favorites including perennial and self seeding annuals.


Wild Child – PF  A hardy mix of thin stemmed, single sunflowers for cutting & naturalizing. Will try to reseed itself. A must have for pollinator gardens.