All seeds are organically grown, and certified organic unless indicated otherwise.

Echinacea – 50s, Gaillardia – 50s, Phacelia – 50s,

Bachelor’s Buttons

Classic Artistic Mix  [Certified Organic] (C. cyanus) From Holland with new exciting colours & bicolours. 100 seeds per packet.


Fiesta Gitana Mix – Double blooms in cream, apricot, yellow & orange atop 12-14” plants, 8-10” wide. This variety is more compact than others & produces uniform flowers all season long

Indian Prince – Such a beauty with non-stop production until frost! Large double-flowered blooms with bright orange petals backed with mahogany on strong 20” stems are show-stoppers.  Great for cut flowers.

Victoria Sunset   [Certified Organic] Intense burnt orange double blooms all season long. Height: 18-24”. Great for containers, bouquets & borders. 70-75 seeds per packet.


Crazy Daisy  [Certified Organic] A real long blooming show stopper! Double, quilled white flowers with yellow centres are 30” tall. Will bloom first year if given a cold period before transplanting.  Perennial Zone 4. 50 seeds per packet.


Deep Purple & Friends– Gorgeous dark purple columbine, mixed with a variety of showy columbine colours.

Pink Mix  [Certified Organic] Beautiful combination of light & darker pink delicate flowers. Hardy perennial. 50 seeds per packet.


Seashell Mix  [Certified Organic] Unique tubular petals with fluted edges produces a two-tone effect. Big 3” blooms on 4’ plants. Best for bees & butterflies. 100 seeds per packet.

Sensation Mix   [Certified Organic] Giant single blooms in white, pink & deep crimson. Tall 36-48” plants with finely cut foliage. Nice for cutting. 100 seeds per packet.

Velouette  – This early to bloom garden-stand-out has ruby & white bi-colour flowers & is 24” tall.

Echinacea/ Coneflower   

Primadonna Deep Rose   [Certified Organic]  Much improved purple coneflower with first year blooms. Large, rosy-pink flowers on strong stems for cutting or enjoy as a tall 36” border plant. Very drought resistant.   Perennial zone 3. 50 seeds per packet.


Crackerjack Mix African Marigold  [Certified Organic] Tallest of the marigolds with fully doubled 3–4″ flowers of orange, gold, yellow on tall 30″ plants that rarely need staking. Plants make a bold highlight in large borders, attracting lots of pollinators.  Annual. 100 seeds per packet.


Phacelia [Certified Organic] This lavender-blue beauty is the best insectary plant for bees and beneficial insects. With high quality pollen and nectar, blooms for two months. 50 seeds per packet.


Autumn Beauty Gorgeous golden yellow, bronze, brown & burgundy shaded beauties are 5’ tall on multi-branched plants with up to 20 blooms on a single plant. Easy to grow & make a great hedge, as they set buds for continuous blooming until frost.  Great for cut flowers.

Earthwalker  – Easy to grow Terracotta shaded flowers add a beautiful warm pop of burnt orange, coppery brown & rusty red to your garden or floral bouquet, on multiple side branches of the 6’ plants.