All seeds are sustainably grown & chemical free.

Echinacea – 50s, Gaillardia – 50s, Phacelia – 50s,

Bachelor’s Buttons

Classic Artistic Mix  (C. cyanus) From Holland with new exciting colours & bicolours. 100 seeds per packet.


Candyman Orange – Luminous orange double, long flowering bloom.  Short sturdy 10-12” multi-branched stems. Excellent for cutting, edible flowers to garnish a salad. Annual

Fiesta Gitana Mix – Double blooms in cream, apricot, yellow & orange atop 12-14” plants, 8-10” wide. This variety is more compact than others & produces uniform flowers all season long

Indian Prince – Such a beauty with non-stop production until frost! Large double-flowered blooms with bright orange petals backed with mahogany on strong 20” stems are show-stoppers.  Great for cut flowers.

Victoria Sunset  Intense burnt orange double blooms all season long. Height: 18-24”. Great for containers, bouquets & borders. 70-75 seeds per packet.


Crazy Daisy A real long blooming show stopper! Double, quilled white flowers with yellow centres are 30” tall. Will bloom first year if given a cold period before transplanting.  Perennial Zone 4. 50 seeds per packet.


Deep Purple & Friends– Gorgeous dark purple columbine, mixed with a variety of showy columbine colours.

Pretty in Pink Mix  – Beautiful combination of light & darker pink delicate flowers. Hardy perennial. 50 seeds per packet.


Seashell Mix – Unique tubular petals with fluted edges produces a two-tone effect. Big 3” blooms on 4’ plants. Best for bees & butterflies. 100 seeds per packet.

Sensation Mix  – Giant single blooms in white, pink & deep crimson. Tall 36-48” plants with finely cut foliage. Nice for cutting. 100 seeds per packet.

Velouette  – This early to bloom garden-stand-out has ruby & white bi-colour flowers & is 24” tall.

Echinacea/ Coneflower   

Primadonna Deep Rose   – Much improved purple coneflower with first year blooms. Large, rosy-pink flowers on strong stems for cutting or enjoy as a tall 36” border plant. Very drought resistant.   Perennial zone 3. 50 seeds per packet.


Crackerjack Mix African Marigold – Tallest of the marigolds with fully doubled 3–4″ flowers of orange, gold, yellow on tall 30″ plants that rarely need staking. Plants make a bold highlight in large borders, attracting lots of pollinators.  Annual. 100 seeds per packet.


Autumn Beauty Gorgeous golden yellow, bronze, brown & burgundy shaded beauties are 5’ tall on multi-branched plants with up to 20 blooms on a single plant. Easy to grow & make a great hedge, as they set buds for continuous blooming until frost.  Great for cut flowers.

Earthwalker  – Easy to grow Terracotta shaded flowers add a beautiful warm pop of burnt orange, coppery brown & rusty red to your garden or floral bouquet, on multiple side branches of the 6’ plants.