All seeds are sustainably grown & chemical free.

Summer Pepos:

Cocozelle  – 55 days. The classic ‘Italian Heirloom’ striped summer squash with unique dark & light stripes available since 1885. Large bush plants are non-vining & grow in an upright open habit reaching 18-24” tall & 18- 20” width. Full of flavour, tender & thus great for cooking, freezing & cannng.  

Mutabile Zucchini – 50 days. Cylindrical deep green fruits are easy to pick due to the plant structure & almost total lack of thorns. The open, vase shaped plants yield consistently as the powdery mildew resistant plants stay healthy much longer.  Excellent OP variety!


Winter Pepos:

Sweet REBA Acorn  – 90 days. REBA stands for Resistant Early Bush Acorn. One of the sweetest acorns, flesh dry and substantial. Despite compact bush habit, heavy yields of 1–1½ lb fruit…25 squash from four plants.

Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato Acorn – 85-90 days. A great family heirloom from Thelma Sanders in Missouri. Acorn-type 7” long fruit with cream-coloured skin that ripens to light gold. Perfect 2-serving size! Golden yellow flesh is thick & creamy with rich chestnut taste. Enormously productive & good keeper.

Candystick Dessert Delicata  – 98 days. Larger & sweeter than other delicatas, the 2-3 lb. fruits have distinctive orange-tan skin with green stripes. Plants produce variable lengths of ‘Honey Boat’ type fruit with small seed cavity which is ideal for stuffing. Good keeper.


Bitterroot Buttercup – 95 days. Bred for short season production in Montana, so very prolific even in cool short seasons. Like Kabocha, it is rich & flakey. Expect 5-6 dark green 3-4 lb. squash with blocky squared off shoulders & a lighter grey button on the blossom end. Outstanding flavour for roasting, soups, & gnocchi. 

Blue Ballet Hubbard – 95 days.Mini blue hubbard, 4-6 lb. with sweet bright orange flesh. Stores well.

Blue Kuri Hubbard– 90 days. Round, slightly flattened fruits with blue-grey skin & dense dry orange flesh. Sweet rich flavour that is even better after a month or two in storage. Small to medium size fruit weighing 2-3 lb. will serve 2 people. Early to ripen with long storage.

North Georgia Candy Roaster – 100 days. Early 1900’s Appalachian Thanksgiving feasts always included “candy roaster pie”, which is now a rare heirloom variety. Beautiful big banana-shaped fruits are up to 18” long & 6” wide, pink with blue tips. Smooth delicious orange flesh.  Our farm favourite!

Stella Blue Kabocha – 95 days. Medium-size slate-blue kabocha type squash. Delicious sweet, dry flesh, similar to sweet potato.   Long keeper. Needs space 7’vines.  

Sundream – New in 2022. 90 days. Developed from its hybrid ancestor Sunshine, as a unique OP orange kabocha squash. Numerous 4-5 lb. fruit develop on 7’ vines. Its thick orange flesh is dense, sweet, dry & delectable.

Sweet Meat  – 95 days. Heirloom treasure of the Northwest, maintained by one Oregon family for 100 years. Tasty 10-15 lb. slate-grey heirloom. Shaped like a slightly flattened blue pumpkin, with vigorous vines. Dry sweet nutty thick orange flesh improves in storage & makes the best pumpkin pie ever!



Canada Crookneck 90 days. Now extremely rare & almost extinct, the Canada Crookneck was first listed in seed catalogues as early as 1827. Wonderful creamy texture with an excellent nutty sweet flavour with deep golden flesh. Fruits weigh 2-4 lb. Great for roasting, serving mashed, used for soups & pies. This is the ancestor of the modern butternut squash, especially Waltham Butternut. Now on the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck – 105-110 days. Wonderful heirloom from 19th C & still a staple in many Amish gardens. Large squash resembles a butternut with a curved elongated thick neck which is very sweet solid flesh & the seeds are in the bulbous end. Also known as ‘neck pumpkin’. Very prolific, producing lots of  10-20 lb. fruit per plant. Good keeper. Disease & pest resistant.

Waltham Butternut SOLD OUT IN 2023 – 95 days. Introduced in 1970. Heavy reliable producer of 9-10” long buff coloured fruit, weighing 4–5 lb with great flavour & a good keeper. Dark orange dry flesh has a sweet nutty flavour. Excellent keeper.  20 seeds per packet.

White’s Butterbush – 90 days. This excellent variety is being preserved by Seeds of Diversity with small farms trialling this variety in their regions. This long thin butternut varies in size but has a distinctive long neck with a small seed cavity. Very prolific & stores well.

Zucchino Rampicante (Tromboncino) – 70 days. Famous Italian heirloom is a vining zucchini & a winter butternut-type squash. Long slender 15 – 30” fruit has an extra long curling neck with a small bulb at the end. It is one of the best-eating summer zucchini type squashes: tender, mild & extra sweet! As a winter squash the Italians use it for gnocchi & in ravioli as the flesh is rich & flavourful. Perfect for pies & baking too. Prolific fun all-purpose squash. Note: Rampicante to me means ‘RAMPANT’! It travels.