All seeds are organically grown, and certified organic unless indicated otherwise.

Summer Pepos:

Dark Star  50 days. [Certified Organic] Exciting new zucchini is drought resistant & requires less water than other varieties. Developed by ‘Seeds of Change’ for a changing climate. Open vigorous plants with spineless stalks yield classy dark green glossy fruit all summer long with a fine flavour. Best picked at 6-8”. 20 seeds per packet.

Winter Pepos:

Candystick Delicata . EE-1503 . [Certified Organic] – 98 days. Larger & sweeter than other delicatas. Very sweet, dry flesh with distinctive orange-tan skin with green stripes. 2-3 lb fruit has a small seed cavity which is ideal for stuffing.  Good keeper.  Bred by Carol Deppe. 20 seeds per packet.

Cornell Bush Delicata . EE-1504 – [Certified Organic] days. This compact delicata is the first winter squash to ripen. Uniform deep yellow colour with thick sweet, firm flesh & great nutty heirloom flavour. Compact enough to grow in a large container or smaller garden space with a much better yield. Expect 2-5 ripe fruit from each plant. Long storage of 100 days. 20 seeds per packet.

Sweet Reba Acorn . EE-1505 – [Certified Organic] days. REBA stands for Resistant Early Bush Acorn. One of the sweetest acorns, flesh dry and substantial. Despite compact bush habit, heavy yields of 1–1½ lb fruits, 25 squash from four plants. 20 seeds per packet.


Blue Ballet Hubbard – EE1516 [Certified Organic] days. Mini blue hubbard, 4-6 lb. with sweet bright orange flesh. Stores well. 20 seeds per packet.

Bitterroot Buttercup . EE-1507 [Certified Organic] – 95 days. Excellent prolific squash bred for short seasons. Expect 5-6 dark green 3-4 lb. squash with blocky squared off shoulders & a lighter grey button on the blossom end. Flesh is rich & flakey with outstanding flavour for roasting, soups, & gnocchi.  Even does well in cool weather. 20 seeds per packet.

North Georgia Candy Roaster EE-1509 – [Certified Organic] days. Rare Appalachian heirloom from early 1900’s. Banana-shaped fruits are up to 18” long & 6” wide, pink with blue tips. Smooth delicious orange flesh. 20 seeds per packet.

Pink Banana Jumbo . EE-1510 – [Certified Organic] days. This banana is one of the best. The orange flesh is dry, firm & sweet. Can grow to 3’ long & 40 lb! Prolific with 3-4 fruits per vine. Don’t pick until its blocky blunt stem is corky & it has ripened to a delicate pink-orange. Excellent for baking & roasting & good keeper. 20 seeds per packet.

Sibley . EE-1511 .[Certified Organic] –  100 days. (Pike’s Peak) Missouri heirloom from early 1800’s. Among the very best for flavour. Vigorous 12–15′ vines produce slate-blue large teardrop shaped 1′ long fruit weighing 6–8 lb. Rich, moist, flavourful and sweet. Great storage squash & best in January after its orange flesh has dried and sweetened. Food Ark of Taste. 20 seeds per packet.

Sweet Fall . EE-1512 .[Certified Organic] – 100 days. A reliable, easy to grow 1930’s era squash. Teardrop-shaped 5 – 10 lb. fruit with salmon skin & blue-grey tips with sweet unique flavour. Long storage. A real winner! 20 seeds per packet.


Sweet Meat  EE1517 – [Certified Organic] days. Tasty 12-15 lb. slate-grey heirloom. Shaped like a slightly flattened blue pumpkin, Maintained by Oregon family for 100 years. Dry sweet nutty thick orange flesh improves in storage.     20 seeds per packet.


Burpee’s Butterbush – [Certified Organic] days. Smooth than 2-3 lb fruits with small seed cavities & deep reddish-orange flesh are as sweet as sweet potatoes! Superior nutty flavour, moist but not watery. Early even in cold summers. Vines can be up to 10 feet & produce 3-5 ripe fruits per plant. Great keeper. 20 seeds per packet.

Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck . [Certified Organic] -110 days. Heirloom from 19th C & still a staple in many Amish gardens. Large squash resembles a butternut with a curved elongated neck. The neck is solid, very sweet flesh & all seeds in bulbous end. Prolific producing lots of 10-20 lb. fruit per plant. Good keeper. Disease & pest resistant. 20 seeds per packet.

Waltham Butternut . EE-1515 . [Certified Organic] – 95 days. Introduced in 1970. Heavy reliable producer of 9-10” long buff coloured fruit, weighing 4–5 lb with great flavour & a good keeper. Dark orange dry flesh has a sweet nutty flavour. Excellent keeper.  20 seeds per packet.