Summer Pepos:

Dark Star  EE1501 – 50 days.Exciting new zucchiniis drought resistant &requires less water than other varieties. Developed by ‘Seeds of Change’ for a changing climate. Open vigorous plants with spineless stalks yield classy dark green glossy fruit all summer long with a fine flavour. Best picked at 6-8”.

Winter Pepos:

Candystick Delicata . EE-1503 . [Certified Organic] – 98 days. Larger & sweeter than other delicatas. Very sweet, dry flesh with distinctive orange-tan skin with green stripes. 2-3 lb fruit has a small seed cavity which is ideal for stuffing.  Good keeper.  Bred by Carol Deppe. 

Cornell Bush Delicata . EE-1504 – 80 days. This compact delicata is the first winter squash to ripen. Uniform deep yellow colour with thick sweet, firm flesh & great nutty heirloom flavour. Compact enough to grow in a large container or smaller garden space with a much better yield. Expect 2-5 ripe fruit from each plant. Long storage of 100 days

 Zeppelin Delicata 

PF-1506 . A winter keeper squash that is a modern strain of the 1894 heirloom. Also called ‘Sweet potato Squash’ for it’s delicious flavor. Grows like zucchini. 

Sweet Reba Acorn . EE-1505 – 90 days. REBA stands for Resistant Early Bush Acorn. One of the sweetest acorns, flesh dry and substantial. Despite compact bush habit, heavy yields of 1–1½ lb fruit…25 squash from four plants.


Blue Ballet Hubbard – EE1516 95 days. Mini blue hubbard, 4-6 lb. with sweet bright orange flesh. Stores well

Bitterroot Buttercup . EE-1507 [Certified Organic] – 95 days. Excellent prolific squash bred for short seasons. Expect 5-6 dark green 3-4 lb. squash with blocky squared off shoulders & a lighter grey button on the blossom end. Flesh is rich & flakey with outstanding flavour for roasting, soups, & gnocchi.  Even does well in cool weather.

Lower Salmon River – PF-1502 Voted PEI’s sweetest winter squash, a hardy, prolific favorite for soups, pies, and puddings. 

North Georgia Candy Roaster EE-1509 – 100 days. Rare Appalachian heirloom from early 1900’s. Banana-shaped fruits are up to 18” long & 6” wide, pink with blue tips. Smooth delicious orange flesh.

Pink Banana Jumbo . EE-1510 – 105 days. This banana is one of the best. The orange flesh is dry, firm & sweet. Can grow to 3’ long & 40 lb! Prolific with 3-4 fruits per vine. Don’t pick until its blocky blunt stem is corky & it has ripened to a delicate pink-orange. Excellent for baking & roasting & good keeper.

Sibley . EE-1511 .[Certified Organic] –  100 days. (Pike’s Peak) Missouri heirloom from early 1800’s. Among the very best for flavour. Vigorous 12–15′ vines produce slate-blue large teardrop shaped 1′ long fruit weighing 6–8 lb. Rich, moist, flavourful and sweet. Great storage squash & best in January after its orange flesh has dried and sweetened. Food Ark of Taste.

Sweet Fall . EE-1512 .[Certified Organic] – 100 days. A reliable, easy to grow 1930’s era squash. Teardrop-shaped 5 – 10 lb. fruit with salmon skin & blue-grey tips with sweet unique flavour. Long storage. A real winner!


Sweet Meat  EE1517 – 95 days. Tasty 12-15 lb. slate-grey heirloom. Shaped like a slightly flattened blue pumpkin, Maintained by Oregon family for 100 years. Dry sweet nutty thick orange flesh improves in storage.     


Canada Crookneck PF-1507 – 110 Days  –  Originally from the Iroquois Nation, this ancestor to the modern butternut has been commercially available since 1827.  This fun shaped winter squash offers deliciously sweet and meaty flavour, a smaller seed cavity, and a long, curved neck that is thin skinned and easy to peel. The plants are long vined, and are resistant to many diseases and pests that plague the more modern varieties of mochata.  Voted onto the Slow Foods Ark of Taste, this squash used to be common in gardens in the 1800s.  It fell out of favour with the advent of produce shipping because the necks would break in transport, giving way to the shorter, stubbier shape of the modern Waltham Butternut.

Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck . EE-1514 – 105-110 days. Heirloom from 19th C & still a staple in many Amish gardens. Large squash resembles a butternut with a curved elongated neck. The neck is solid, very sweet flesh & all seeds in bulbous end. Prolific producing lots of 10-20 lb. fruit per plant. Good keeper. Disease & pest resistant.

Waltham Butternut . EE-1515 . [Certified Organic] – 95 days. Introduced in 1970. Heavy reliable producer of 9-10” long buff coloured fruit, weighing 4–5 lb with great flavour & a good keeper. Dark orange dry flesh has a sweet nutty flavour. Excellent keeper.