All seeds are organically grown, and certified organic unless indicated otherwise.

Summer Pepos:

Golden Zucchini – New in 2022. 50 days. Uniformly coloured rich yellow, blocky, cylindrical fruits with bright green stems on prolific plants. Best picked at 7” x 1.5” when they’re firm & straight with little curving or bulbing. Great tasting creamy white flesh. 

Winter Pepos:

Spaghetti Squash – New in 2022. 95 days. Easy to grow. This pale yellow oval fruit grows to 10” x 6” on long productive vines. Keeps well for meals right through the winter

Sweet Reba Acorn . EE-1505 – [Certified Organic] days. REBA stands for Resistant Early Bush Acorn. One of the sweetest acorns, flesh dry and substantial. Despite compact bush habit, heavy yields of 1–1½ lb fruits, 25 squash from four plants. 20 seeds per packet.


Baby Blue Hubbard [Certified Organic] days. Mini blue hubbard, 4-6 lb. with sweet bright orange flesh. Stores well. 20 seeds per packet.

Stella Blue – New in 2022. 95 days. Medium-size slate-blue kabocha type squash. Delicious sweet, dry flesh, similar to sweet potato.   Long keeper. Needs space 7’vines.  

Sundream – New in 2022. 90 days. Developed from its hybrid ancestor Sunshine, as a unique OP orange kabocha squash. Numerous 4-5 lb. fruit develop on 7’ vines. Its thick orange flesh is dense, sweet, dry & delectable.



Canada Crookneck – New in 2022 – 90 days. Now extremely rare & almost extinct, the Canada Crookneck was first listed in seed catalogues as early as 1827. Wonderful creamy texture with an excellent nutty sweet flavour with deep golden flesh. Fruits weigh 2-4 lb. Great for roasting, serving mashed, used for soups & pies. This is the ancestor of the modern butternut squash, especially Waltham Butternut. Now on the Slow Food Ark of Taste.

Waltham Butternut . EE-1515 . [Certified Organic] – 95 days. Introduced in 1970. Heavy reliable producer of 9-10” long buff coloured fruit, weighing 4–5 lb with great flavour & a good keeper. Dark orange dry flesh has a sweet nutty flavour. Excellent keeper.  20 seeds per packet.