All seeds are sustainably grown & chemical free.

Hot Peppers

Chinese Five Colour  SOLD OUT IN 2023 – 68 green, 82 red. This heirloom works equally well as a showpiece in the garden or in a container. Small conical spicy peppers mature from purple to cream, yellow, orange to red.   20x hotter than habaneros.  30,000-50,000 Scovilles.      

Criolla Sella – 80 days. (Capsicum baccatum) Beautifullly golden orange, this Bolivian heirloom produces     3” long peppers with thin skin on fine leaved graceful sturdy plants. This superb hot pepper is a bit less spicy than cayenne with a touch a citrus-like sweetness & is tasty fresh and dries very easily. Prolific early producer. Native to Bolivia and now adapted to cooler temperate climates.  30,000 Scovilles. 25 seeds per packet.

Note: will not cross with the ‘annum’ varieties, so easy to save seed. 

Hinkelhatz – 78 days. Hinkelhatz means “chicken heart” aptly describing this 1″ red hot pepper. A rare heirloom grown by the Pennsylvania Dutch for over 150 years & now on Slow Food Ark of Taste. Short 2′ bushes are prolific producers & great for containers. Traditionally used for pickling & hot pepper vinegar. A great little pepper for any dish needing a hot kick. 30,000 Scovilles  

Ho Chi Minh  – 68 days. (Capsicum annum) This prolific hot yellow cayenne from Vietnam sets a lot of fruit & dries down easily.   The 4–5″ long peppers, on 3′ plants, grow like large fingers turning from green to bright yellow to orange-yellow in late summer or fall. 30,000 Scovilles.

Hot Portugal  – 70 days. Long glistening red peppers with thin flesh are sweet & medium spicy. Ripens quickly in short growing areas. Best when allowed to ripen on the plant. Try fresh, sautéed, in soups, stews & more.  50,000 Scovilles.  

Matchbox Pepper  – 75 days. Small spicy chiles on low-growing plants. Slightly sugary- hot when ripe. Very pretty.  Very adaptable as good in hot dry, or cold damp weather, also likes sandy soil or clay soil. Doesn’t dry as easily as a cayenne, but dries best in a dehydrator. 40,000 Scovilles.

Red Rocket EE1203 – 85 days. (Capsicum annum) Easy to grow & prolific, long thin 5” cayenne peppers that dry down easily. Turn from green to bright crimson when ripe. Flavour is sweet & hot. Can be ground into powder and used in soups & stews all winter long. 25 seeds per packet.


Sweet Peppers

Klari Baby Cheese – 65 days. This ancient heirloom from Hungary is early & very productive. Rare & endangered pimento type with thick sweet juicy flesh. Small flattened sweet peppers averaging 2 – 3” resembles a small wheel. Starts pale yellow, through orange to bright red. Delicious snack straight from the garden! Highly ornamental & excellent in pots with a stake.

Lipstick –55 days. Early & productive, a great choice for short season areas. Red 4” long juicy sweet peppers. Chunky triangular peppers 2×3 ½ “ on 4’ plant. Good flavour especially in cooler areas. 

Lunchbox Orange  – 60 green, 80 orange. Beautiful min-sized snack peppers are remarkedly sweet & flavourful. Delicious sautéed, add to salads, or as a snack. Tall strong plant.

Petite Marseillais – 70 days. 24” tall. Sweet 4-5” golden yellow wrinkled pepper from the south of France. All summer producer from mid-season to frost. Good income for farmers markets. Ideal for stuffing.

Sweet Sunset Italian Pepper – 58 days green, 78 coloured. Long tapering peppers with thick meaty sweet flesh, ripen to red, orange & yellow.  Vigorous 2′ plants keep producing for a long season & well adapted to cool season gardens. Great for snacking, salads, sautées or roasting.