Red Rocket EE1203 – 85 days. (Capsicum annum) Easy to grow & prolific, long thin 5” cayenne peppers that dry down easily. Turn from green to bright crimson when ripe. Flavour is sweet & hot. Can be ground into powder and used in soups & stews all winter long.


Criolla Sella  EE1202 – 80 days. (Capsicum baccatum) Beautifullly golden orange, this Bolivian heirloom produces     3” long peppers with thin skin on fine leaved graceful sturdy plants. This superb hot pepper is a bit less spicy than cayenne with a touch a citrus-like sweetness & is tasty fresh and dries very easily. Prolific early producer. Native to Bolivia and now adapted to cooler temperate climates.  30,000 Scovilles