Early Frosty . EE-1101 – 60 days – Early Frosty is an old heirloom that thrives in colder climates & early spring plantings with outstanding quality & sweetness. Short 3’ vines can be trellised or planted in a single row. Holds well after picking. Superior variety for freezing.

Homesteader . EE-1102 – 68 days. Old English heirloom, first offered in US in 1908.  Sweet, tender, buttery tasting, medium sized pods have 8-9 peas. Vines up to 3’ do not need to be trellised. Slender curved pods with heaviest production in mid-July. Loves cool rainy weather.  

Iona . EE-1103 – 64 days. Developed for the French pea market which prefers “petit pois” – small, sweet tender peas. Iona has longer 3” pods, is heat tolerant & disease resistant, plus yields 2 -3 times more pods. Plants are 24-28” tall, but easiest to pick if on trellis.

Tom Thumb   – 50-55 days. Pre 1880. This very rare dwarf shelling pea grows to only 8”, making it great for containers & window boxes. It is tasty, prolific, drought-tolerant & cold hardy.


Sugaree . EE-1105 .[Certified Organic] – Sugar snaps are real candy. Produces loads of sweet crispy little gems to snack on.  6’ vines need trellising.   

Cascadia EE1108 – 68 days. Very sweet, round plump pods that withstand heat. Plant to mature in summer, after early plantings. 3” medium green pods on 24-28” vines that don’t need to be trellised.  


Calvert . EE-1106 .[Certified Organic] 55 days fresh, 90 dry. French heirloom is a very fine 6’ climbing edible pod pea with large 4-5” pods, tender from beginning to end of season. Dual purpose – delicious fresh or dried.   

Dwarf Grey Sugar – PF 1101  Plant these in early spring for hummingbird flowers, and for an early summer crop of delicious crunchy pods for salads and stir fry 

Green Beauty PF1107 – 60 days.  Beautiful purple-flowering huge 7-8’ plants, covered with large sweet light green pods, that never get tough even when over-ripe…real show stoppers! Very prolific.

Schweizer Riesen (Swiss Giant)  EE1109 – 55 days. Old Swiss heirloom of large sweet tender tasty snow peas. Very long season on vigorous, sturdy 7-8’ vines producing beautiful purple/pink bicolour blossoms.