All seeds are organically grown, and certified organic unless indicated otherwise.


Eleonora EE-602  [Certified Organic] Downy Mildew tolerant Large leaf basil. Upright plant with great flavour, big leaves & excellent field quality. 100 seeds per packet. SOLD OUT IN 2021

Italian Large Leaf – Genova Strain’. Italian heirloom is stocky & grows to 14”. Commercial selection of Genovese basil with sweeter flavour & plant habit. Slower to bolt & leaves more uniform in colour. Note: this is organically produced seed but not certified. 100 seeds per packet.

Kapoor Tulsi  – 100 days. A superior strain of Tulsi with a robust growth habit & not so susceptible to insect damage. A beautiful plant with a compact growth habit & a gorgeous pungent sweet flavour. Native to India & used in Indian & Thai cuisine, it is spicier than other basils & quicker to go to seed ( which is great if you are a seed -saver), but still usable well into the fall, even when covered with purple flowers. Used in Ayurvedic medicine as a poultice on acne, ringworm, eczema & insect bites. Makes a tasty tea for it strengthens the immune system & increases oxygen uptake in the brain. Plants stand the cold more than other basils .A real winner in our wet difficult 2021 season.

Pluto  – [Certified Organic] Compact & smallest leaf is ideal for containers as forms a perfect ball-shaped plant. 100 seeds per packet.

Sacred/TulsiOcimum sanctum [Certified Organic] (100 days) Native to India and used in Indian as well as Thai cuisine. Spicier than other basils and quicker to go to seed, but still usable when covered with purple flowers. Used in Ayurvedic medicine as a poultice on acne, ringworm, eczema and insect bites. Makes a delicious tea. Strengthens the immune system and increases oxygen uptake in the brain. Plants stand a bit more cold than other basils. Leaves are clove scented.  100 seeds per packet.


Borago officinalis – [Certified Organic] 55 days. Easy to grow plant with fuzzy cucumber-flavoured leaves & flowers that open blue, turn purple and then pink and make colorful additions to salads. Bushy 2–3′ annual likes sun, prefers moist well-drained soil & will self sow. Young plants are easy to move around. Makes a great border for the vegetable garden where the dense plants smother weeds and attract bees. Used in cough syrups or frozen in ice cubes to lend cucumber flavor to cold drinks. A nourishing tea for nursing mothers. Survives early frosts. 50 seeds per packet.


Catgrass (Hordeum Vulgare Variegata) Grow your own variegated barley in the summer garden & save the seeds. Plant in a pot during the winter, cover lightly with soil. Within a few days it will sprout & the cats can eat it in a week. Note: this is organically produced seed but not certified. 100 seeds per packet.


Catnip Nepeta cataria -[Certified Organic] Irresistable to cats. Beautiful European wildflower is a magnet for bees. Catnip grows readily in poor soil. Used for centuries by peasants to make tea before Chinese tea replaced it. Promotes a good night sleep & reduces fever & cold. 100 seeds per packet.


Garlic chives –[Certified Organic] Grows like regular chives but leaves are flat, blossoms are white & flavour has a garlic twist. Pollinator friendly. Hardy & easy to grow from seed. Perennial. 100 seeds per packet.

Polyvit EE-603 [Certified Organic] Early, high yielding, bunching chives with vigorous upright growth.  100 seeds per packet.


Genesis – [Certified Organic] 50-55 days. Superior variety for fresh leaf use. Slow to bolt even in hot weather. 100 seeds per packet.

Santo EE-604 [Certified Organic] Extra slow-bolting type producing broad, fresh green leaves on strong stems. Great for bunching. 100 seeds per packet.


Bouquet – Early flowering compact plants 30-36” tall, produce large blooms, seed umbels & foliage on long stems, ideal for cut flower use & pickling. Edible seeds, flowers & greens flavour many foods & are a popular addition to sauces, salads, & soup.

Hera EE-606  [Certified Organic] Slow bolting market quality variety producing high yields of besutiful blue-green ferny foliage.  100 seeds per packet.


Elecampane Inula helenium  [Certified Organic] Open-pollinated. Also known as Horseheal, Wild Sunflower and Elf Dock. Large dramatic plant is an excellent lung tonic. Important to the ancient Greeks, said to have sprung from the tears of Helen of Troy, thus its botanical name. Mucilaginous root relaxes lungs and helps clear mucus, calms cough. Antibacterial and antifungal, also used for asthma, bronchitis, cough and flu, especially in children. Helpful for scabies, herpes and other skin disorders (an old name is Scabwort). Plant in heavy moist well-drained loam with generous helpings of compost. Dig root in mid fall. 5–8′ perennial with 2–3″ bright yellow rayed flowers, blooming May to August. Self-seeds.  Zone 3. 50 seeds per packet.


Levisticum officinalis. [Certified Organic] Commonly known as ‘Magi Plant’. Adds strong celery flavour to soup, beef & sauces. An essential for making flavourful stock. Slow germinating but hardy & long-lived for sunny locations. Perennial. 100 seeds per packet.


Greek – [Certified Organic] White flowered ‘Greek’ oregano has the strongest flavour of the oreganos. This is the true oregano used for cooking. Use fresh or dry in tomato sauces. 100 seeds per packet. SOLD OUT IN 2021


Green Pearl – Top German bunching variety, double curled, slow bolting. Hot & cold tolerance.  Note: this is organically produced seed but not certified. 100 seeds per packet. SOLD OUT IN 2021

Laica Flat Leaf –  High yielding variety with large dark green leaves & long strong stems. Note: this is organically produced seed but not certified. 100 seeds per packet.


German Winter – [Certified Organic] Produces a strong aroma & dries well for culinary use.  50 seeds per packet.