Cucumbers & Melons



Sumter . EE-202 [Certified Organic] – 55 days. Good quality dark green blocky fruit, suitable in all kinds of conditions  Productive on compact vines.  

Vorgebirgstrauben . EE-203 [Certified Organic] Old Rhinish German favourite! Great pickler with a dimpled bumpy skin at pickling stage. Vines are heavy producers, the cucs snappy-crisp, & flavour fresh, never bitter. Best pickler in trials!


Silver Slicer . EE-204 – 54 days. This superior slicer may be the best eating cucumber of them all. Long 7-8”, slim thin skin, buttery, crunchy, great flavour & crisp. Heavy set of buttery crunchy crisp fruits, neither watery nor ever bitter. Resists PM and keeps going till September. 


Oka . EE-801 83 days. Juicy, luscious early 2 – 5 lb. melon with sweet orange flesh and netted outer rind. 1916 Quebec heirloom was thought to be extinct, but rediscovered growing on Bizard Island. Cut stems when fruits are barely ripe, let them sit inside a few days to ripen fully.