All seeds are sustainably grown & chemical free.

25 seeds per packet.



A&C Pickler (Ace) – 50-55 days. Introduced in 1928 by Abbott & Cobb of Pennsylvania. Uniformly straight 8-10 inch fruits hold dark green colour for a long time. Pick when small for pickler or larger for slicing. Best picked when 4-6” long. Good for market gardens as productive & reliable. 30 seeds per packet.

Early Russian – 60 days. Introduced in 1854 from Russia. Pick early for gherkins or let some mature to 6” for sweet fresh eating cucumbers as well. Never bitter. Very productive over a long season. 30 seeds per packet.

Sumter  – 55 days. Good quality dark green blocky fruit, suitable in all kinds of conditions. Productive on compact vines.  Disease resistant.

Vorgebirgstrauben – 55-60 days. Old Rhinish German favourite! Great pickler with a dimpled bumpy skin at pickling stage. The vines are heavy producers, the cucumbers are snappy-crisp, & flavour fresh, never bitter. Best pickler in trials! 30 seeds per packet.


Marketmore 76 – 60 days. A reliable good flavoured variety that produces abundant yields of 8-9” slicers on disease resistant plants.

Silver Slicer – 54 days. Superior slicer may be the best eating cucumber of them all. Long 7-8”, slim thin skin, buttery, crunchy, great flavour & crisp. Heavy set of buttery crunchy crisp fruits, neither watery nor ever bitter. Resists PM and keeps going till September. 30 seeds per packet.

Spacemaster SOLD OUT IN 2023

– 62 days. Very compact bushy variety is ideal for small growing areas. Excellent pickler when small, use for slicer when larger. 

Ukrainian Slicing Cucumber – 60 days. Straight, green slicing cucumber with ribbing & pale green streaking. Zero bitterness, even after a heat wave. Good yields of 8” fruit.