Onions, Garlic and Radishes

All seeds are organically grown, and certified organic unless indicated otherwise.


Raxe . EE-1301 [Certified Organic] -27 days. Best radish for summer growing.  Large round red uniform roots, best for bunching for market. Plant spring to fall without bolting. 150 seeds per packet.

Softneck Garlic


French Tarne, Kettle River Giant, and Portugeorge varieties – Harvest these first – they will stores for approximately 6 – 9 months


Sovereign – Harvest last, stores for approximately 8 months

Hardneck Garlic


Georgian Crystal, Northern Quebec, Polish Jenn, Susan Delafield varieties, stores for 6-9 months

Purple Striped Marbled

Eureka Annie – Stores for 5-8 months


Brown Saxon, Emmerdale, French, Kilarney Red. Store for approximately 4 – 6 months