All seeds are sustainably grown & chemical free.

Mesclun Mixes

Deluxe Mesclun Mix – 28 days. Delicious mix of brassicas & some lettuce. Let arugula, cress, kale, mustard & more tickle your taste buds! 300 seeds per packet.

Spicy Mesclun  – 28 days additional spicier greens, such as hotter mustard & cress added to this mix. 300 seeds per packet.


Champion  – 65 days.  Compact handsome non-heading plants with thick blue-green juicy leaves on 2-3’ plants with a mild cabbage-like flavour for steaming, boiling & stir-frying.

Groninger Blue   50 days. Heirloom ‘Old Blue Leaf Cabbage’ from Holland. It has been cooked like kale or collards for centuries. Gorgeous, wide soft green leaves with stand-out purple mid-ribs. When braised tastes like sweet spinach. Use as baby green, micro green or bunched. Frost hardy, great for over wintering in the greenhouse. 150 seeds per packet.


Belle Isle 50 days. (Barbarea verna) Spicy upland cress, like watercress. Cool weather crop for early spring/late fall crop with upright habit. Best in dark of winter. Very dark green, deeply lobed glossy leaves. Very nutritious – high Vitamin C, calcium, iron & high Vitamin A. Prevented scurvy in Colonial times. Named for an island on which shipwrecked 17th C Portuguese sailors survived the winter thanks to the cress. 150 seeds per packet.

Wrinkled Crinkled Cress 21 days. Broad leaves are extremely ruffled and wrinkled along the margins and savoyed in the middle. A fluffy spicy addition to your salad mix. Bolt resistant. 150 seeds per packet.


Astro Arugula 21 days baby, 40 full. Germinates quickly & tolerates cold & hot temps. Long green leaves are a mix of smooth-edged and lobed with mild to mildly spicy heat. Grows equally well during cool and hot seasons. Cut & come again. 250 seeds per packet.

Ice-Bred Arugula  44 days. Selected for cold hardiness and vigour. Mid-ribs and whole leaves develop a lovely purple hue in winter freezes. Recovers in spring even if plant goes dormant under very cold conditions. Seedlings can stand drought, compete against weeds and don’t require high soil fertility. This is arugula with more bite, vigorous with complex full flavours. 250 seeds per packet.

Edible Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum (Edible) Shungiku’Garland Serrated – 40 days. Cold crop. Grown for its aromatic greens with an unusual taste. The 5” flowers (buttercup yellow, edged in white with serrated tips) are large for edible flower market. Also makes a great yellow dye. The Japanese use it in hearty one-pot winter stews known as oden. Also good in salads, soups & stir-fries. Plant thickly in early spring (or summer for fall crop) & harvest freen leaves when stems are 4-8” tall, before buds appear. 100 seeds per packet.


Purple Mizuna – 21 days. 45 days full-size. Attractive dark heavily serrated leaves add loft to mesclun mix.    Holds quality all season long. Tasty mild flavour. 

Red Frills Mizuna Gorgeous purply-red mizuna with deeply notched serrated leaves, perfect for baby salads. Medium hot & spicy mustard flavour. 150 seeds per packet.


Golden Frill – 21 days baby, 45 full leaf. Lacy-looking leaves are vibrant light green, finely cut & frilly.        Bunch at full size for braising greens or use as garnish. The spiciest of mustard flavours. Very slow to bolt. 

Miz America – 21 baby, 40 bunching. Striking wine-red mild uniform mustard. Maintains deep colour on both sides of leaf even at maturity. Less serrated than mizuna, less pungent than mustard & has a pleasant mild flavour. Upright plant makes for easy harvest for baby leaf or bunching.  

Mizspoona Salad Select Mustard – (40 days).  Hits the palate just right: doesn’t bite the tongue off like some of the serious mustards, nor bore with blandness. Sweet, juicy with a bit of zing, medium-dark green variable leaves, some rounded, some pointed, slightly ribbed white veins. Tender and delicious in salads or braised.

Purple Rapa Gene Pool – 45 days.  Frank Morton gene pool creating huge vigour with nice tall frilly mild to medium-hot serrated green leaves with purple veins & shading. Lots of variation & best colour in the cold. Can plant in April & still going in early July, gaining heat with weather’s heat. 150 seeds per packet.

Red Giant Mustard – 21 days baby, 45 full. Popular red mustard from Japan with a mild- spicy flavour. Large purple-tinted savoyed leaves for baby mesclun mix or large leaf on 18″ decorative plants. Color intensifies in cooler temperatures, as spiciness wanes. 150 seeds per packet.

Bok Choy

Prize Choy Pac Choy – 50 days. Classy pac choy with celery-like white stems & vase shaped, 15-18” tall heads, like 2 veg in one with succulent stems & tender greens. Vigorous, slow to bolt. Good for kimchi & stir-fries. 150 seeds per packet.


Colourful Kale Mix – Selection of our favourite frilly & flat kale varieties. All hardy, tasty & delicious. 150 seeds per packet.

Beedy’s Camden . EE-401 – [Certified Organic] 60 days. Abundant wavy blue-green leaves are full to the bottom. More tender than Russian types & lasts well into fall. Juicy & sweet in spring, last to bolt.Most plants overwinter to re-sprout leaves in the spring & produce seed. A perennial in our greenhouse! 150 seeds per packet.

Blue Curled Scotch  – [Certified Organic] 50 days. (also called Canada Dwarf Curled, Labrador Kale). Mentioned in many documents from the 19th C. Old heirloom variety has curled blue green frilly leaves on compact 12-15” plant. Very productive leaf growth & cold hardy. 150 seeds per packet.

Frilly 60 days. Beautiful blue & burgundy finely serrated leaves reminiscent of lace. Delicate flavour & colourful addition to mesclun mixes. Produces until freezing temps, then overwinters to produce in spring in greenhouse. 150 seeds per packet.

Red Ursa – 60 days. Award winner from Frank Morton at Wild Garden Seeds, combines the broadleaf frills of Siberian with the colour of Red Russian. Great raw in salads, especially the young mature leaves of full-grown plants. Bolting purple stems of overwintered plants are a sweet, colourful salad item. Also perfect for light cooking or stir fry. Hardy, produces under the snow.

Tough Mother 65 days. Extremely cold hardy. The greens are soft & sweet with a little spice. Diverse gene pool, many similar to Red Russian, but frilly and colourful. Save seed from your favourite plants. 150 seeds per packet.