All seeds are organically grown, and certified organic unless indicated otherwise.

Each packet contains 50 seeds, except for Andy’s Broad Beans and Joseph Dugas Scarlet Runner which have 15 seeds per packet, Speckled Cranberry (35 beans) and Fort Portal Jade (40 beans).

Green Beans Snap, Bush:

Antigua –  [Certified Organic] 60 days. Great market variety as easy to pick with tall upright plants with an abundance of 5-6” slender flavourful dark green pods.  

Black Valentine [Certified Organic] 55 days, 90 to dry. This old heirloom (pre-1850) is early & cold tolerant, withstanding adverse conditions & producing masses of straight, tender, delicious, 6” long green beans. Dual purpose as makes a good black dry bean for soups & stews.

Blue Jay [Certified Organic] – 60 snap, 90 dry. 60 snap, 90 dry. This beautiful rare heirloom bean is navy blue with beige markings – blue jay colours! It was nearly lost, but found and brought back into production by Bob Wildfong of Seeds of Diversity. This dual-purpose green bean is excellent eaten in the snap stage and also makes a great dry bean. Prolific in cool conditions.

Canadian Wonder  [Certified Organic] 60 days, 110 dry. French Canadian heirloom that is extremely popular in Europe but has almost disappeared from its native land. Earliest documentation is 1873, but believed to be older than that. Growth is dwarf & compact, producing abundant quantities of 12-16” pods which are tender, delicate in flavour & a beautiful shape. Triple purpose as good as a string bean as well as a fresh shell bean (cook like a lima), plus the red kidney shape beans are delicious in chili & stews. Does well in cold wet conditions.

Delinel  [Certified Organic] 45 days. Early French filet snap with excellent taste & holding quality. Highly productive 6-7” slender long pods hat can be picked at ¼” for filet. Multi disease resistant. Specialty market. Black seed.

Eilidh’s Eden  [Certified Organic] 55 days, 90 days dry. Delicious European-style flat green bean.  Prolific and dual-purpose as makes a great cooking bean. 

Jade  [Certified Organic] 55 days. Popular American variety which is sweet & tender. Mid-size plants produce abundant yields of 6.5” long straight dark green pods. Long picking period.

Lewis  [Certified Organic] 53 days. Big yields of dark green beans with a crisp, juicy flavour & high eating quality. Perfect for succession planting as produces early concentrated set of 6” beans on upright plant for easy picking.

Masai [Certified Organic] 58 days. French filet which holds a long time. Pick every other day. 5” long, juicy, crisp, good flavour. Very productive small beans on small compact plants. White seed.

Painted Pony   [Certified Organic] 58 days snap, 85 dry. Dual-purpose heirloom bean is an early, prolific producer of long slender tasty green beans for fresh eating & dried beans with a nutty rich flavour for soups & stews. Distinctive white on brown beans with a white eye are originally from Mexico & southern US.      

Provider  [Certified Organic]  60 days. Introduced by Dr. Hoffman of SC in 1965.  Early bean grows well in cool soils. Concentrated sets of round 5–5½” pods. Very heavy producer. Purple-brown seed. Excellent for canning, freezing and dilly beans. 

Speedy   [Certified Organic] 43 days. Extremely early premium European bean bred in Germany. It produces 5.5” round fleshy American style bean with great taste. Especially bred for first seeding in cool temps & short day conditions in tunnels. Upright strong mid-size plant is disease resistant.

Yellow (Wax) Beans

Borsalino  [Certified Organic] 60 days. Gourmet yellow 4” long straight filet bean on upright plant produces a heavy set of bright yellow beans which are easy to pick with good yields & good flavour.

Concador Yellow  [Certified Organic] 60 days. Yellow filet bean 5” long is very productive & holds well on vine. Medium sized plant, with good disease resistant. Tiny white seed.

Custard  [Certified Organic] 55 days, 100 dry. Improved Gold Dust. Great performer of beautiful bright yellow pods that are full right to the tip. Easy to pick on upright plants with long harvest. Delicious.

George Murphy’s Wax  [Certified Organic] 60 days. This early dual-purpose bean has delicious crisp pods on prolific 2’ plants. White seeds with a brown eye are fine-flavoured as a cooked bean, much like a navy bean. Dual-purpose.    

Gold Rush  – 52 days. Tender 5-6” straight round, excellent flavour & high yields. Holds well on vigorous plants. Note: This is organically produced seed but wasn’t certified this year.

Rocdor   [Certified Organic] 54 days. Extra fancy rich yellow bean from Europe with a better bean taste. Produces long slender oval-round 6-7” pods, on upright plants, that keeps bearing when picked regularly.

Valdor  [Certified Organic] 56 days. Exceptionally tender petite 5” round French yellow filet bean which just keeps on going. White seed.

Pink/Red Beans

Red Swan  [Certified Organic] 58 days. Pretty, 5” long flat pods are a dusty rose colour. This bean was developed by the late Robert Lobitz (1941 – 2006) by crossing a pinto & purple snap bean. 

Tanya’s Pink Pod   [Certified Organic] 50 days, 85-90 dry. Excellent low-growing bush bean with large, flat pods are unusual iridescent pink colour. The pods develop more deeply pink shades in direct sun, while the more pods shaded under foliage are more blushed. Holds well & is great tasting. Good cooked as a dry bean, perfect with just a little oil & salt.  Light tan, darker around helium. 

Purple Beans

Blooming Prairie  [Certified Organic] 55 days snap, 95 dry. Pencil pod thin purple filet beans with great taste & texture. Huge early production which holds well. Small round creamy white seed with splotch of purple is dual-purpose bean as great for cooking, similar to white navy beans. Blooming Prairie is a city in Minnesota.  

Velour  [Certified Organic] 55 days. This bountiful bean is a real favourite. Beautiful purple filet with 4-5” pods on an upright medium sized plant. Never fails to please!    


Andy’s Broad Beans [Certified Organic] – 90 days.  Selected for over 3 decades by Andy Pollock of Northern BC. Plant early spring as extremely hardy, & plants often rebloom to produce a second harvest. Use the large green seeds fresh as a delicious shelled bean, but be sure to dry some down for an excellent cooked dry bean with tender skins. Huge production & great for fixing nitrogen in your soil.   


Flambo  [Certified Organic] 110 days dry. Named for its flamboyant colours, Flambo’s fluorescent pink pods turn to a bright mottled purple as they dry. Healthy vigorous plants produce great yields of dual-purpose plump cranberry type beans to eat as fresh shelled beans or as a dry bean for soups & stews. First to dry down in August. Light tan with maroon dots & stripes.

Drying (Bush) Beans

Goose Gullet  [Certified Organic] 120 days. A true Acadian legend. In 1775, Acadians deported from the Bay of Fundy purposely grounded their ships along the shores of Clare County. Survivors hid deep in the woods, living with the Mi’kmaw, lost to the ruling British. Acadians found this bean in the gullet of a downed goose that gall, then saved & planted the see next spring. It has been grown by locals ever since. Plump seed maroon & tan.

Gysi  [Certified Organic] 80 days.  Early and productive, medium-sized ochre flat bean. Originally from Werner Gysi of Enderby, BC.

Ireland Creek Annie  [Certified Organic] Originally introduced into Canada in 1920’s. Very early, for cool season & disease resistant. Mustard coloured beans have a fine flavour & make their own thick sauce.

Jacob’s Cattle   [Certified Organic] 90 days dry. Popular New England heirloom may have originated with Native Americans in the Southwest, but likely developed in Virginia by Jacob Trout. Beautiful, distinctive large kidney shaped beans with dark red speckles on white background, derives its name from the biblical story of Jacob and the spotted cattle.  Can be harvested early when beans are fat in the pod for superb tasty shellies. Excellent for baked beans, refried beans & soups.

Light Red Kidney  [Certified Organic] 90 days dry. 90 days dry. Nice quality cooking bean with thin, shiny skin that stays firm when cooked, but with a creamy texture & mild flavour. Perfect for chili & bean salads recipes. Easy to grow & to harvest on medium sized plants with a high yield. Adapted to wet, cool climates.  

Maine Sunset  [Certified Organic] 80 days. Beautiful ruby & gold swirls with a white background on plump, oval beans. Dries down quickly, very easy for hand threshing. White with maroon near helium end.  

Nora’s Baudette Baking Bean – 105 days dry. Heirloom from Yugoslavia which came to US in 1900’s. Yields plump white seeds with red uneven splotch around helium. Great for baking.  More about its history:  Nora Scott grew this bush bean on her farm in Baudette, Minnesota, for more than 60 years after obtaining it from her mother, Ragne Lauritson. Nora’s granddaughter, Crystal Mathisrud, recalls her grandmother and great-grandmother mixing the beans (good as both a dry and shelling bean) with a bit of bacon and molasses to produce baked beans that were in high demand at community and family gatherings for generations.

Orca  [Certified Organic] (Calypso, Ying Yang) – 70-80 dry.  Very early beautiful bean, good as an early snap, but best for baking. Doubles in size when cooked.

Reade Krobbe (Krupke)  [Certified Organic] 105 days. This extremely  rare ‘little red bean’ is from the Dutch Seed bank, another gift from Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds. It is grown by a handful of farmers in the northern parts of the Frisian forests of the Netherlands & western Germany. This is a hearty bean that can withstand cold, wet & windy weather. It is a small red bean with golden spots with a surprisingly spicy flavour & high antioxidants & can also be eaten as a young snap bean. It has a long history among people of the local countryside who did hard physical labour. It needs a good long soak before cooking (8-12 hours), but well worth the wait!

Shirolustruca Kovina   [Certified Organic] 95 days dry. This Russian heirloom is very rare. Vigorous plants are 24” & will tolerate poor soils. The seeds are a cool metallic Dijon colour with a brown ring at the eye, borne in 5” green pods. These beans are best dried & are wonderful in soups.  

Weiner Treib  [Certified Organic] 75 days. Exceptionally rich flavour with a meaty texture making these beans excellent baked or in soups, stews & chillies. Beautiful seed of white & speckled gold. Dry beans are ready in 75 days , very early & easy to pick on 24” plant.  

Heritage Bean Mix: Interested in growing your own dry beans for winter use? Why not sample 5 different heirloom varieties from one packet and choose your favourites? This year we include Gysi, Jacob’s Cattle, Orca, Shirolustruca Kovina. & Weiner Treib.

Pole Beans      

Robin’s Egg [Certified Organic] 70-80 days. Snap or dry.  Tender deep purple flavoursome beans are high yielding with beautiful purple flowers.  

Speckled Cranberry   [Certified Organic] 60 days snap, 80 days shell, 110 days dry. This heirloom has graced American cookbooks since 1796 & can be used fresh, dried or as a shelling bean. 8’ vines produce heavy crops of 7-9” stringless green beans, & if left to dry provide a rich nutty flavour. The beans are beautiful – plump ivory-coloured beans with cranberry red markings.

Coco de Boheme  [Certified Organic] 105 days dry. Very rare variety shared with me from Dan Jason of Salt Spring Seeds. One of the most beautiful seeds we have ever seen, half white, half beige seeds with red streaks. Can be grown on a trellis or left to sprawl on the ground. Dries down extremely well.

Scarlet Runner

1) Joseph Dugas   [Certified Organic] 70 days snap, 110 dry. The ‘Scarlet Runner’ of Baie Sainte-Marie is named after the early Acadian settler Joseph Dugas. These beautiful large purple & black beans were traditionally grown for their versatility & reliability. This strain of runner beans exists due to the work & dedication of local gardeners & farmers who have continually maintained this historical variety. Plant on a sturdy trellis and harvest young beans for continued harvest. Green snap, shell or dry.

Fort Portal Jade [Certified Organic] Brought back from Fort Portal Uganda. This bean is early & prolific with a rich flavour when cooked as a dry bean. It can also be left to sprawl. Not all the seeds are jade-coloured as it is a landrace, with a few seeds purple, pink & speckled. A new farm favourite!  

Marvel of Venice   [Certified Organic] 54 days snap. This Italian heirloom is one of the finest yellow climbing Romano beans. Famous for its large, tender 8-9” flat pods borne on vigorous 7′ vines. This bean is not only a beautiful specimen in the garden until frost, but a delicious addition to your plate with an exceptional sweet buttery flavour.