Each packet contains 50 seeds.

Green Beans:

Black Valentine . EE-101  – 48-70 days, 90 dry. Pre-1850. Early cold tolerant.  Produces masses of straight, tender, delicious, 6” long green beans. Good black dry bean. Resistant to bean mosaic. Hardy, withstands adverse conditions.   

Blue Jay . EE-102 [Certified Organic] – 60 snap, 90 dry. Dual purpose green bean.  Excellent eaten in the snap stage and also makes a beautiful dry bean (is navy blue with beige markings, blue jay colours!). Prolific in cool conditions. Rare

Canadian Wonder  – 95 days, 110 dry. Canadian dwarf French heirloom that is extremely popular in Europe but has almost disappeared from its native land. Earliest documentation is 1873, but believed to be older than that. Growth is dwarf & compact, producing abundant quantities of 12-16” pods which are tender, delicate in flavour & a beautiful shape.  Good as a string bean as well as a fresh shell bean (cook like a lima). Does well in cold wet conditions. Red kidney shape beans are delicious in chili & stews.  Dual purpose

Delinel . EE-103 – 45 days. Early French filet snap with excellent taste & holding quality. Highly productive 6-7” slender long pods hat can be picked at ¼” for filet. Multi disease resistant. Specialty market. Black seed.

Eilidh’s Eden . EE-104 75 days. Delicious European-style flat green bean.  Prolific and dual-purpose as makes a great cooking bean. 

Masai . EE-105 – 58 days. French filet which holds a long time. Pick every other day. 5” long, juicy, crisp, good flavour. Very productive small beans on small compact plants. White seed.

Provider . EE-107  60 days, 114 dry. Introduced by Dr. Hoffman of SC in 1965.  Early bean grows well in cool soils. Concentrated sets of round 5–5½” pods. Very heavy producer. Purple-brown seed. Excellent for canning, freezing and dilly beans. 

Yellow Beans

Custard  – 55 days, 100 dry. Improved Gold Dust. Great performer of beautiful bright yellow pods that are full right to the tip. Easy to pick on upright plants with long harvest. Delicious.

Golden Wax – PF-  A PEI favourite, these prolific, durable bush beans produce pounds of tender, sweet yellow beans, suitable for fresh eating or for canning. 

George Murphy’s Wax . EE-108 – Early, crisp & prolific pods on 2’ plants. White seeds with a brown eye are fine-flavoured as a cooked bean, much like a navy bean

Red/Purple Beans

Red Swan . EE-109 52-58 days. 5” long flat pods are a dusty rose colour. This bean was developed by the late Robert Lobitz (1941 – 2006) by crossing a pinto & purple snap bean. 

Tanya’s Pink Pod  – 50 days, 85-90 dry. Salt Spring sport discovered by apprentice Tanya while working in a row of purple Sequoia beans. Low growing bush bean with large, flat pods are unusual iridescent pink colour. The pods develop more deeply pink shades in direct sun, while the more pods shaded under foliage are more blushed. Holds well & is great tasting. Good cooked as a dry bean, perfect with just a little oil & salt.  Light tan, darker around helium. 


Andy’s Broad Beans . EE-126 [Certified Organic] – 90 days.  Selected for over 3 decades by Andy Pollock of Northern BC. Large green seeds with huge production. Excellent cooked dry bean with tender skins.     

Dry Beans

Agate Pinto – PF- 101  A prolific Northern, short-season variety of the favorite bean of Mexican cuisine. Makes a delicious creamy smooth bean dip. 

Flambo – 80 days. Named for its flamboyant colours; fluorescent pink 7” pods turn to bright mottled purple as they dry. Flambo is a versatile horticultural (large seeded used in green shell stage) bean, excellent fresh, frozen or dried. For fresh beans harvest when pods start changing from green to yellow.  Healthy vigorous plants produce great yields of plump cranberry type beans. First to dry down in August. 

Goose Gullet . EE-112 – 120 days. A true Acadian legend. In 1775, Acadians deported from the Bay of Fundy purposely grounded their ships along the shores of Clare County. Survivors hid deep in the woods, living with the Mi’kmaw, lost to the ruling British. Acadians found this bean in the gullet of a downed goose that gall, then saved & planted the see next spring. It has been grown by locals ever since. Plump seed maroon & tan.

Gysi . EE-113 – 80 days.  Early and productive, medium-sized ochre flat bean. Originally from Werner Gysi of Enderby, BC.

Ireland Creek Annie . EE-116 – Originally introduced into Canada in 1920’s. Very early, for cool season & disease resistant. Mustard coloured beans have a fine flavour & make their own thick sauce.


Light Red Kidney . EE-118 – 90 days dry. Adapted to wet, cool climates. High yields, healthy DR plants.   

Maine Sunset .  EE-119 – 80 days. Beautiful ruby & gold swirls with a white background on plump, oval beans. Dries down quickly, very easy for hand threshing. White with maroon near helium end.  

Orca . EE-120 (Calypso, Ying Yang) – 70-80 dry.  Very early beautiful bean, good as an early snap, but best for baking. Doubles in size when cooked.

Pembroke Red – PF-103 .  A little bean that is a PEI original! A short season, great tasting bean that goes well in chili. 

Weiner Treib . EE-123 – 75 days. Exceptionally rich flavour with a meaty texture making these beans excellent baked or in soups, stews & chillies. Beautiful seed of white & speckled gold. Dry beans are ready in 75 days , very early & easy to pick on 24” plant.  

Pole Beans      

Robin’s Egg . EE-127 70-80 days. Snap or dry.  Tender deep purple flavoursome beans are high yielding with beautiful purple flowers.