Our Seed Growers

Lorna McMaster (Pembroke Farm) and Tina Davies (Emmerdale Eden Farm)

The PEI Seed Alliance is a collective of small farmers committed to producing high quality seed. We grow open pollinated and heirloom varieties which in PEI, so our seed is well adapted to PEI’s growing conditions.

Our first year selling seed was the spring and summer of 2016. As years go by and our network grows we are increasing the varieties we have available.

Emmerdale Eden Farm

We are inspired to preserve rare and heirloom varieties, and we aim to improve the varieties we grow. We consider ourselves part of the global movement for seed sovereignty, and believe that seed, the root of our food system, is a public trust.


Arthur and Tina Davies of Emmerdale Eden Farms

Certified Organic, Heirloom Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit and Seeds

Emmerdale Eden Farm specializes in growing & preserving heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers, and saving their seeds as they adapt to our maritime climate.

We prize old family favourites, tried and true and full of flavour! Yet there are many dedicated plant breeders today who are creating wonderful new varieties, especially for organic systems, that thrive in our rich chemical free soil. At Emmerdale Eden Farm we continually trial these new varieties and select those that show promise.

As climate changes, so too must our methods of farming, along with our varietal choices. Only through diligent trialing, selection and preservation of the best locally adapted seed, will we be self sufficient and secure in feeding our communities now and in the future.

10 Emery Road
Summerside PEI

Pembroke Farm

Lorna and her husband Brian have been practising organic farming, shepherding and seed saving since 1997 with a focus on market vegetables, wool sheep and working border collies.   In 2010, they immigrated (with their sheep and collies) to Pembroke, PEI to expand their farming operation and become Canadian Citizens.  They owned and operated a Seed- To-Table Taco Stand and produce booth at the Charlottetown Farmers Market for several years, until downsizing, to focus on seed farming in 2019.

Lorna is also a fiber artist and educator, and the author of two books; Dancing with Sheepdogs: A Beginner’s Guide to Herding; and WoolWorks: Teaching Across the Curriculum with Fiber Art. 

A founding member of the PEI Seed Alliance, Pembroke Farms will not be offering seeds for retail this year.

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